Version 20.02 - General Feedback

Greetings Capsuleers,

A new monthly deployment has arrived (20.02).

Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

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Only because some few null sec botters with alts say that they dont get enough isk to PLEX their accounts, you are backpedalling…



As someone who lives in a wormhole and uses filaments to go on roams with my friends, thanks for pissing in my Cheerios.


Thank god! This should encourage people to defend their ESS’s and keep ratting, so i’m very happy about this change

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The handshake symbol means that was player ideas, so blame the players for that

guys … umm … when you change the language of the patchnotes to french, german, russian, … any other language then english … it still is english … is that always the case?

i usually read the english patch notes but i was unsure about this:
CONCORD has updated Dynamic Bounty System parameters.

  • Dynamic Bounty System parameter floor raised from 30% to 50%. Solar systems that are running at the minimum bounty risk modifier will instead produce 100% of bounties with 50% of each bounty entering the ESS Bank.
  • Increasing the maximum Reserve Bank payout by 33.3%


We are increasing the amount that goes into the reserve banks by taking from what was previously being lost. Now in worst case scenarios (minimum payments), 100% of the bounties will be produced by direct payments and ESS Main / Reserve bank funneling where previously the sum was 58.2%.

so i thought i change to german and read it there … maybe its clearer to me then … still english …



What the hell is done with skill icon??? There was a convinient blue tray - now we have a shittiest round crazy thing. And much worse - u have a blinking not removable broun triangle when u have no skill learning!!! My eyes rot. And btw could u explain your DBS chanses MOAR deeply. Pls with graths and formulas!!!


just go out to k space then yeet. the change only affects you if you are camped in.


Can somebody explain the ESS and bank changes with easy words?


Looks like higher payouts overall.

Find literally any K-Space exit you filthy casual.


Delete button in text fields now correctly work in the Edit Location window.

Great. It’s also fixed in price input fields for the market and contract.

Added visual training progress circles icon in Neocom

I want a handshake icon for that. :wink: Good that you removed the double icon.

Now if only you’d remove the NES button.



duck disappears and reappears - YouTube

Also whats a homeblest?

Also whats a homeblest?

It’s a delicacy of a biscuit which is covered on one side in chocolate, so it’s dark on one side and light on the other. Sort of like how the Venture, Prospect and Endurance looked like when taking hull damage before the fix in todays patch.


i don’t understand this:

Dynamic Bounty System parameter floor raised from 30% to 50%. Solar systems that are running at the minimum bounty risk modifier will instead produce 100% of bounties with 50% of each bounty entering the ESS Bank.

Does this mean, that the player who does ratting get less isk for his activity?
or does this mean, if you hit the minimum bounty risk modifier it get restore to 100% back?

I really don’t know why it was a change needed, but the NEOCOM bar now has a much larger minimum size.
Like we don’t have already enough space taken by the UI. Why is that?

It keeps the old minimum size if you don’t resize it, but once you do (I’ve locked the Neocom on all my characters to prevent that from happening after I noticed this behaviour on SISI) you can’t resize it down to the minimum pre-patch width anymore. I have noticed the “Attempting to join a channel…” message font considerably larger as well, so it might be related to some underlying change.

Not all of us play on fancy wide-screen 1440p monitors with lots of space, please consider bringing back the ability to make the Neocom as slim as it was pre-patch.


The blinking, apparently not removable “You have no skills training” thing is plain annoying.
It’s secondary indy toons or random Alphas. I know I have nothing training there. I also know I just dragged an item into my inventory.
Stop this please, at least make it possible to disable annoying blinking changes who nobody asked for.

Filament use blocked in WHs is a good call. Now make asset safety in K-Space go away and we got some pew incoming, not some PR stunt world war that costed the participating parties 12days of their income.



Stop the skill icon blinking when you have no skills training - and why a brown circle?


Just one question:

Whats a “Homeblest”?

Oh dear, yes, this is blinking exclamation mark icon is already getting on my nerves and I have seen it just for 5 seconds. Is this the same person that brought us the “new” skill window that thinks a incessantly blinking icon in the neocom would be a good idea at all? Blinking is for something important, imminent, acute. Incessant blinking just creates distraction without providing anything helpful. If this is indeed the same person, please send it back to the UI training school. And if you really must keep the blinking, make it stop after 5 seconds. Everyone will know that they don’t have an actively training skill by then. This is the same useless kind of UI trigger that the red dot or the kill gong or the NES button were and are.

Why can’t CCP ever not just deliver something good without any negative features? :weary: