A Possible BRM fix

I Play mostly in null and finding it very frustrating that many of my fellow corpies are not playing cause they don’t find it fun anymore and when pressed they don’t like many of the changes especially the BRM.

Since the The BRM was brought in to combat what i believe was botting and over ratting of a few players in eve, it has a side effect of taking the fun out of the game for others which causes a domino effect across all of eve.

example of the domino effect if a ratters leaves, that means there less content for hunters so they leave, less ships and module get purchase means market gets flooded with mineral then miners and indy guys leave.

a Possible fix would be moving the BRM from a system base to player base example instead of system BRM %50 make it Abigail BRM %50 therefore you hit the target player base that is cause the problem not the whole player base.

What’s BRM?

Bounty Risk Modifier it is a Null and low sec Mechanic

Why not move systems and do your ratting in a system with higher BRM?

Yes, that system is likely more risky as the reason the BRM is high means a lack of ratting and/or high amount of PvP in that system, but that is the intention of the BRM: to scale bounties dynamically so that players who are willing to take more risk get more rewards.

all the systems are effectively low brm’s, you don’t want to travel to far from your home base stations logistical nightmare the farther you go so i keep 9 system distance from home base. as right now 2 players can tank a system.

so the further away from your pvp ships the longer response time to help corpies.

So you’re saying it’s riskier to rat where the BRMs are higher because it is takes longer for the response fleet to save you?

I would think this is what I described earlier: BRM rewards taking more risk. And it makes people spread out. BRM seems to be working as intended.

our area used to have 6- 10 ppl per system now your lucky to get 1 or 2 in near by systems so when a fleet of 5 or more come thur you just have to run and dock or log off cause there not enuff player online to deal with them.

People are just not playing which is not fun.

You are the cause of your own complaint. When a small group drops in you just said you log off or dock. Why don’t you engage them and produce the exact content you are complaining is missing?

I did say we don’t have the numbers to engage them.
but if people logged on we would.

hence, the problem. people don’t log on because this game isn’t fun for them.