Dynamic Bounty System

Obligatory DBS post for this section.
Most of Null Sec is probably still upset about this feature and wish this would be a thing where CCP learns to outright delete a feature for once.
If at the minimum you could make them move the levers (they hardly move over months) to get the lower BRM from 50 to 90 (actually 100 sounds so much better) NullSec Players like me would be much delighted.
A easy gold star to be earned.

Just remove the brm altogether is a ■■■■ feature

If you remove the minimum, make sure to also remove the maximum.

200% payout is way too much for people who keep complaining about the BRM. Not that they’ll likely to be ratting in such high-risk-high-payout systems, but I feel like you cannot remove the stick without also removing the carrot.

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reasonable, its what I mean with deleting the feature anyway but in case they want to just raise the lower bar to say 90 they probably also lower the upper end to something like 120

The DBS/BRM is counterproductive and it harms the game. It is not a good design, and it doesn’t encourage activity. It has created chores instead of fun. Activity in a system and in nullsec space should be rewarded. The game is suffering greatly because of this inappropriate system.

It is rewarded.

And if the activity is in a higher risk system (high BRM), you get more reward.

The Dynamic bounty system has been great for low sec becuase we unlike nullbears actually like pvp and dont run and hide at the first sign of trouble.

How about this:

SOV Null sec 80% min - 120% max
Low Sec 30% min - 300% max
NPC Null Stays the same as current.

Boom problem solved.

As much as I’m a nullsec guy rather than lowsec, I think this is probably a much fairer system.

I lived in HS for around 18 months until about 2 months ago, having lived in null for about 10 years previous to that, and not an awful lots has changed with regards to many, many empty nullsec systems. The rewards aren’t worth the risk to most people. Most ishtars etc still stick to the same systems every day, most of these guys are pretty risk averse so will run away.

I’m thinking out loud a little here, but I think less PvP content is caused between choosing a PvE fit or PvP. There are some exceptions to this obviously, but maybe a way to encourage people to defend themselves better, particularly subs/solo ratters, may make people spread out more and perhaps even into more NPC nullsec. I’m not saying there’s nobody that rats alone in Stain, but they’re few and far between. Lots of empty systems. Again I’m thinking out loud, but maybe have an option to point/web without using midslots which ratters would prefer to use for extra shield mods.

Perhaps I’m talking nonsense, I need to think about it a bit more.

I like your thought train mate, there are utility highs for a reason and a point swapping to high makes a lot of sense it would open up those terrible 2 mid ships a lot more aswell.


People just warp off because there is no point in feeding someone with free kill from unfair fight. Making almost every single ship in game a tackle won’t change nothing. Hunters will just pick bigger guns to yet again have clear win conditions. As no sane hunter will take unfair fight or even “fair” fight. Basics of EVE PvP.

There is a reason why wolf hunt for a sheep’s not for other wolfs. Just by dressing sheep into a wolf skin. You won’t change a fact that it’s just a sheep.

What is causing lack of PvP? No “grass” to graze on in space for prey. Hence, no targets in space.


This is the beauty of eve thou everything at a cost if you bring bigger gun’s you need a bigger ship which mean’s slower warp and lock time so people can get out easier. If they have a tackle alt then you just fit a point + great damage vs small ships and pop their tackle then when they come in they have no way to hold you down and you get under their guns and pop them aswell.

A high slot point would make a massive difference to the clever pilot that knows ho to use it.

warp disruptors / scrams originally were to be high-slot modules . the first ships designed , amarr , had utility highs to accomodate them . it would have made balancing shield / armor ships more even . unknown why ccp released them as mid-slot…

the sheep do want the greener grass of low-sec , but even sheep are smart enough to know the pinch-point of stargates can be a death-trap . ship HP have increased 200% over time , plus fleet bonus and T2 / faction modules made even small ships able to fit tackle and tank gate guns . when ccp proposed increasing gate-gun damage to keep up with ship buffs , the “wolves” howled loudly and ccp relented . now the wolves grow fat and lazy in circle-jerk gate camps , while complaining about the lack of targets .

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What about strong gate guns only on the other side of a high sec gate so if people want to effectively camp they do it on the next system over then at least new players can peak their head in without their head coming off and then they say never again.

What has that to do with the Dynamic Bounty System? :smiley:

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It has everything to do with the DBS. Without adding in insta-lock sentry guns to all of nullsec gates that automatically fire on all parties of neutral and negative standing to the SOV holders, the DBS doesn’t work.

It more has to do with reward vs risk right, DBS came in to balance people docking up when people come into system so that they have less incentive to dock up and stay docked and more incentive to undock in a pvp ship and go shoot the invader.

Stronger gate gun’s on the opposite side of high sec/low sec gate will encourage more high sec players to venture into low sec and explore more of space introducing more risk to those players which is inline with the DBS thinking.

Lol. And the gate camps will just move to next system in the pipe. Or just bring extra logi.

Just like DBS. Great idea on paper. But turns into garbage when faced with reality.

Thats exactly the point :smiley: so the new guys can at least stick their heads into low sec without getting their head coming off instantly, which gives them a lil more confidence in going to low.

Imagine the scenerio where the new guy plays the game for maybe a week in high sec then goes through tama becuase its the fastest route and bam head shot, now that person never goes to low again becuase its a terrible first experience.

Or goes on forum or reddit, ask a question and then learn something about game. It would be 1000x better for CCP to add video into agency on how avoid or break thru gate camp rather than some hand-holding band aid solution. And I’m not even gonna try to go into rabbit hole of interfering with sandbox and player agency.

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you have lost me, makes no sense

thats what the ESS does, the DBS hinders that there will be any value put into the ESS in the first place because its not worth ratting.

completly different topic and it kills PvP in LowSec on the gates, so its very bad

Please stay on topic on the DBS (Dynamic Bounty System)