BRM/ESS ISK payouts

So, been ratting for a fair while, but I still don’t get what exactly the BRM percentage means in terms of ISK when the ESS gives the loot. If the BRM is at 100%, does that mean I get 50% of the total bounties from a site as ESS money, and if BRM is at 200%, does that mean I get as much as from the normal ratting as ESS money?

As I understand it, BRM and ESS are two separate systems.

BRM, also known as the bounty risk modifier is a modifier that is applied to your bounty payout as part of the DBS: dynamic bounty system.

For example, if the BRM is 100% killing a NPC for a 1 million bounty pays out 1 million ISK. Or if the BRM is at 200% that bounty is doubled to 2 million ISK payout.

The purpose of the DBS (and BRM) is to reward players who kill NPC bounties in more risky systems with a higher bounty than the players who kill NPCs in safe systems where lots of ratting happens. Or at least, that’s how I read the intention of the DBS when it was introduced:

This will reward those daring enough to hunt pirates in more dangerous space where their stronger presence is a greater threat to Capsuleer safety. Solar systems where pirate activity is under firm control by Capsuleers will see payments lowered.

…but this payout doesn’t go directly to your wallet…

In null sec systems with a DBS, you also have the ESS: the Encounter Surveillance System.

This ESS is another factor that changes how your bounty ISK is paid out, independent from the DBS.

The ESS takes part of your bounty (the bounty already modified by the DBS) and holds it in the main bank for a while, which it pays out at a later time if it doesn’t get stolen by players.

It also takes a much smaller part of your bounty and holds it in the reserve bank, which can only be taken out with an ESS reserve key. As these keys are rather expensive and take some effort to loot without getting people to fight and rob you, taking the reserve bank ISK out isn’t really something the one who put the ISK in the bank does, but is an activity for people who can get keys and a group together to take that ISK out. If you’re killing NPCs in those systems for ISK, it’s best to pretend this ISK isn’t there.

Your main bank ISK however is yours, provided you can defend it in case anyone comes around to steal it.

The purpose of the main bank ESS is to provide roaming groups with either content or value and to encourage people who kill NPCs for bounties to stay undocked and fight, rather than dock up and wait when a roaming group arrives. In other words, the intention of the ESS is to encourage conflict and fights.

Now back to your question:

If the BRM is at 100% you would get normal ratting NPC bounty payout from the DBS.

40% of this is then taken by the ESS, split between the main and reserve bank. I do not know if this is an equal split. After a while the main bank ISK is then paid out to you (if not stolen).

Assuming an equal split between main and reserve bank (which might be wrong, someone please correct me if it is), you would get:

  1. In a 100% BRM system: 60% immediate payout of bounties. 20% more after a while if not stolen from the ESS
  2. In a 200% BRM system: 120% immediate bounty payout. 40% more after a while if not stolen from the ESS
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