Can i increase ESS bounty % by killing allied ships in system?

As in title

I can’t claim the answer, but I feel the answer is “no”

I really think we would have heard about alliances setting up “mandatory death in corvette” operations. To bring % up/down.

But if the answer turns out to be “yes” ; I’d use that mechanic.


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Try it on sisi

If you mean BRM, i’m pretty sure it doesn’t care, any dead ships will increase it. But afaik, it take value of ships not plain count, so bazilion of ibises wont do you any good.


Yes, best payout is when you tackle any blue capital in ratting systems and covops cyno a fleet in to help.

Yes but have to be a valuable ship.

Like rattle snake to % actuali increase.

Number of ships does not count dont as me why not ccp…

Only most expensive ship killed / day count.

What value count for how much and from what ships dont know they changing it to offtern every time people figure cheap work around.

But rember even if you kill a titan you get maximum +5 % next day thats fixed almount.

But if you rat a lot you allways get -7% thats fixed no matter you do .

So +5-7= -2℅

So basicly no matter what ships you kill or how much pvp risk is in the system it will allways go down when to much ratting.

How much is to much ratting well in first 2 months we figured out that if you never reach 150m in ess per ess tick you will never go down.

This was nerfed a month after discovery.

From that time ccp kept changing the values almost every single month.

In patch notes they just stated BRM VALUES WAS ADJUSTED

When ask what that mean ccp reply whit:

We dont want to break player wonder from exploration.

And ofcourse doubled down after backlash.

Since then they keep changing BRM values randomly whit out even informing playerbase.

Im short BRM system is such a mess that if players ever figure out exact numbers it will stop working.


Thank you for detailed explanation.
It seems farming navy tag missions and burners on high sec is better than wasting time here.

Risk/reward isn’t worth staying here.

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Best isk/h in hi sec is incursions or t5 abyss

Both safe if you learn the ropes.

Null can make lot of isk even whit 50% brm


Seems like CCP is continually updating the BRM mechanics to avoid players from gaming the system.

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Thank you i tried incursions but they were super boring.
Never tried abyss. Is isk/hr better than 180m?

I farm 3 different missions on high sec with 2 toons, making 500m if i slack, 700m if i push hard in 2 hours.
Looting the missions take longer than killing. I don’t know any other activity that you can make so much while chilling.

And to CCP, ESS is the most stupid game idea i have ever seen.
I would understand it if it was in high sec. Would create a PvP area.
I am paying to play the game, why would i sit by the PC for 2 hours to protect my earnings?

Ess is good idea since it bring pvp to pvp game. BRM is what it drag back remember you can allways pick up your money if you are unable to protect them.

T5 abys is about 350m /h

I think that’s not quite right, unless this number has also changed, or the ceiling amount is relative to the (in)activity.

A 2 bill blue orca once got blown up in a sys no one rats in and BRM went up by about 15-20%, from 120ish% to 140ish%. This was a few months ago.

I’m sure I could go digging into my video recording files and maybe I captured the values day before and day after.

Remember they have constant problems whit brm calculations so days where brm stay still even when it shud rize just to be calculated later is normal.

Half a year ago there were brm stucked for 14 days in the row just to fall to 50 ℅ instantly.

2 months after that ccp were returning values up

So it jumped a lot.

But im never seen more then 5 ℅ and im did lost 6b pvp orca next month.

But again its ccp so exeptions and bugs are common

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