I would suggest posting this on Reddit but I think you’ll have much better luck getting CCP’s attention if you post this on their Twitter site.


Can you cloak inside the plexes? Like, instant tackle with a stealth bomber or something?

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Yes and no.

[Yes] You can cloak outside the 30km capture point and outside the accel gate (For novice/small/medium and large)
[No] You cannot cloak inside the 30km capture point.

Even if you did, the list of ships that an SB can reliably fight is rather small in the context of FW.

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I have an unpopular opinion that many don’t like. The concept of FW is quite simple:

My flag is better than yours

This land is ours and doesn’t belong too you. If we conquer it, we benefit and you don’t.

If you follow someone or join an organization that doesn’t believe in this as their core concept. Your gonna have a trash time in FW.

Unfortunately fw is tainted with leaders and quite large organizations that don’t understand that their job is to be the enemy’s content and vice versa.

Anywho I am formerly Matthew Dust, creator of the FW committee discord, it was a great success and saw some good changes to FW. All that is needed is initiative.


Doesn’t need to fight, just tackle and hold until the actual combat ships arrive.

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Of course you are :roll_eyes:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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So you don’t intend to roam solo and always with a friend/alt?

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Park the tackler inside the plex, log off combat ships right at the gate. I used to catch people in static high-sec complexes that way back when they were still a thing. A cloaking tackler wasn’t even necessary, just one in front of which the target felt safe enough getting flagged from stealing. But I realize that this is FW, and the mechanics are likely very different. Just throwing ideas out there for catching these people. The only other thing I can think of is parking cloaked smartbomb battleships in line with the most likely approach point to the gate. One final tactic would require a risky ISK investment, and would likely need a successful tackle on top of the warp gate.

I can’t think of anything else that would deal with a small, fast-aligning ship in these circumstances. CCP has made made it too easy to escape combat. Going inside a dedicated combat zone should require at least some commitment.

Okay boomer.

I generally try to be nice and joke around with you because you’re one of the oldies around here, and it seems like you’re going through some stuff in your life, but if you’re so bitter that you make it a chore, then you can wallow in your misery, kept company by the hundred-odd billion ISK worth of trash you’ve accumulated over the past decade and a half?


It wasn’t that bad when there were more people in faction warfare to fight. But there are fewer and fewer people to find, and just like we explained about arenas, the less people there are to find, the more people that are leaving.

CCP are waking up to how detrimental the farming culture is to gaming. Hopefully it’s not too late.


Double interesting…


I don’t understand your problem with FW:

  • Is there to much LP?
  • Is there to easy to gain LP?
  • Is there unfair methods to gain LP?
  • Is there to low LP rewards on the other side of the stick?
  • Is there no PVP?
  • Is there no fair PVP?
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you don’t do fw thats why you don’t understand
for wat i see you don’t do pvp either

one side makes MUCH more LP than the other
so all the farmers are always in the wining side
not fighting but farming LP

need to reduce the potential difference of LP gain add some personal LP bonus so people can choose the side they identify more and stay

but i don’t really want to elaborate more the plan is on OP
ms @Destiny_Corrupted who is a friend of mine and a great person don’t get it right
last time i talked about it i had the opportunity to get some collaboration from a FW guy and that was soooo refreshing

CCP and CSM and FW guys are the targets of this topic , im aware its probably a

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How much ISK/H can you make with farming these things in FW?


like more than a bil day

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I haven’t performed any FW for more than a year and a half. It’s just too tedious for CCP to fix FW. So they implemented new content sources (Triglavians, EDENCOM, Filaments, new implants in null NPC, Abyss, Proving Grounds, ESS) just to downgrade the impact of FW and LP exploits.

About PVP

There’s possible to have good PVP in FW, but it isn’t on the same level. Last time, as I remember, there were just too many weird things to deal with, so players just adapted. It was too boring to deal with those cancer fits like double Web AB fits and so on, supported by very expensive implants. If there is a PVE Catalyst on Plex, it means: “Look you pesky Faction or T2 frigate, don’t bother with me”. If you’ll bring a Magus or a fleet there, it means: “I surrender, gg, you won”. No botting, just semi AFK grinding. If PVE Catalysts can jump to Plex then it’s allowed by CCP, EULA, Old gods whoever.

Who loses and who wins? Ahh, let me switch to my Alt account to opposite faction to grind there under X5 flag.

About Economy

Well, it doesn’t matter how much LP you can farm on those sites anymore. As I mentioned above, with the new in game content there’s no point to farm too much of that stuff, because that’s not so profitable anymore to convert that into ISK. Consider the market Volume and taxes. The FW and mission LP haven’t high liquidity and value anymore. For example, skill books are replaced by EVE “Amazon” service, most Faction modules aren’t so powerful and useful (like weapons, mid- or low- slots), Faction ships are very expensive and haven’t found a role in any fleet doctrine (they are exotic stuff). CCP did all those nerfs, implemented new content, but did not change the LP and ISK cost of those modules in LP store. So, the only option there is to buy boosters, charges and implants mainly.

Here’s a preview from my LP calculator, which uses some PVP Insignias. As you can see, even the guys doing PVE missions aren’t very motivated to buy your farmed Insignias.

As you can see, Just to make 79M ISK from Faction Heat Sinks (an Abyss jump) I have to invest 3M LP and like 8B ISK. To deliver that across hi-sec and sell that during a year or even longer time period. The Faction Membrane will give me a profit of -500M! per 100 items.

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This is a bit confusing.
FW has been dominated by farmers for years.

CCP did some stuff iirc, like not allowing stabs and whatever …
… but I doubted that helped much.

What’s supposedly different now?

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nice big post except its all wrong
im depressed

ill will tell you why just to not be a snob
faction ships and 200 mil a pop implants

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That’s kind of the whole point. These people aren’t there to engage in FW; they’re only there to farm and poison the waters. There needs to be a method of control to ensure that these people aren’t able to sit there and farm without contributing to the fight as well.


The Velocity of ISK is low. The daily market volume is relatively low. Players aren’t in a hurry to buy that stuff in a wholesale mode. Too many alts, too easy to farm like half of those items with alts. Check the fuzzworks site.

This is the isk/lp ratio in the mid of the war, considering Minmatar is at T4 bonus rating:

And these are all buy orders in game right now on RF Firetail

Well, if all that post is wrong, have a nice day and good luck!

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i paid my plex with fw money for years
the money is slow
but wen you have billions in LP you can afford to sell one 200 million implant here , one 400 million ship there
i dont know why you are arguing with me , i do that for a living , my goal is to change the system for the best
you don’t , and you don’t

yes :frowning:

you to bro have a wonderful day

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What do you need to do to “capture” a plex? Like what are the steps involved, start to finish, to get paid?

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