Faction Warfare Overhaul Report

The Report

CCP Hilmar Solicited Input

Earlier draft of the report was well received on Reddit.

The combat plexes of faction warfare are like a coral reef. The nooks and crannies of the size-restricted plex gates form competitive niches for all manner, shape, and size of fish. The reef always supports every play style. Many species choose to remain at the reef exactly because of its diversity.

This is an ongoing effort. The document needs more fingerprints than eyeballs. Feel free to ping me on Discord for the live audio-book version with voice activated smart summary. NanDe YaNen#3921

For the moment I am not involved in a parallel effort being run by Matthew Dust. Gorski Car, who had been operating under the identity of Make Amarr Great Again, is both censoring my Reddit content, memes included. Innocent memes.

They are busy attempting to cleanse my proposals, which were voted on by many other players, from their logs in order to present something limited in scope that would leave L4 mission LP faucets intact. I reached this conclusion based on highly illogical discussion tactics where Gorski would just reset the conversation and pretend the previous 30min didn’t happen. Gorski’s hardline stances on mission LP turned off many PVP pilots, and I don’t support MD’s effort as long as Gorski is given a platform to continue wrecking the conversations.

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