Faction Warfare Quick Proposals

The Faction Warfare Committee has been hard at work, we have compiled a list of proposals that should be easy to implement that have a high approval rating from the Faction Warfare Committee. These are changes we “BELIEVE” would take a short amount of Dev Time, and highly affect the quality of life.

Next week will be a submission of some of the harder proposals people have suggested. We welcome all CSM and DEVS to Join our DISCORD


Ah diddums, is a bad man stealing your LP ? You call yourselves the “Faction Warfare Committee”. As I partake of faction warfare myself and have never heard of you, by what right do you give yourselves that name ?

I’m guessing because no one else took the effort to make one, either join them and add to the conversation or don’t.

I guess it’s because I created the discord with all the FW pilots in it with the specific goal of bringing faction warfare proposals to the CSM and CCP, you’re welcome to join Faction Warfare Committee

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Please accept my apologies, As I’d never heard of your committee despite being in FW (RvB) for some time, I took you for another of those 1-man discords full of alts pushing an agenda that no one else wants. ‘Dravick’ is a forum alt, I’ll subscribe with my FW character (in RvB) shortly.

I’d say it has the potential for flaws but the dialogue is good when it comes to the vote, though general discussion can be heated proposals were the idea and in a place where “who cares fw is dead I’m a null bear” wasn’t going to be a common reply

I really hope CCP will try to improve the FW System, at the moment it’s broken and kind of unbalanced. The warzones are not only a place for FW players, they are also the place of solo pvp players and low sec pirates. A place where ppl start learning pvp. Because the FW systems gets no improvements, FW people leave these areas, what results that the pirates and solo players also lose their content and also leave. There are so many ppl waiting to come back to FW and Low Sec because they prefer the playstyle of the warzone with its fw plexes over null sec. All what is needed are some fixes…

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Low sec (including FW WZ’s in particular) is the Eve endgame. It’s not running Null which takes plenty of RL.

Where do 10yr + vets go to continue a bit of Eve fun whilst living the family, job, house, car, etc… occupy most of the time?

FW is full of every spectrum of player crossing the “Eve experience” and has been underutilised as a method for player retention.

Some work here, by CCP, would be most welcome and @Matthew_Dust has done some great work already getting the remaining militia members (so many have gone inactive) into useful dialogue.

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I need to stop playing the actual game and focus on making videos explaining changes that need to happen and why they would benefit ccp

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