What gives with using caps these days?

Let me start by saying personally, Jump Fatigue is ■■■■ and for the most part I understand why this change was originally brought in. But 2 years on after it was introduced I still see lots of over kill and force projection. Are the devs really serious about limiting force projection? In some cases for example, loosing a marauder to 10 Sc’s whilst trying to get a good fight, I say again the focus on punishing people by a time penalty was/is the wrong thing to do. For me, the act of seeking out content shouldn’t be punished but the ease to how someone can stick a ■■■■■■■ cyno onto a ship and project force needs reimagining. I’m sick of this game, the people complaining about it being stagnant and yet those are the players making it dull by playing with “i-win” buttons. If the devs had anything about them and some balls they would rip the arse out of the cyno mechanic and rebuild it from the bottom up to prevent factions from using capitals in “i-win” game play.

I noticed that your character’s killboard consists solely of cyno Ibis losses. Interesting.

Jump fatigue was introduced to stop every largeish fight everywhere from being dropped by every major group within 15 minutes of it starting. It was never meant to stop people from dropping completely.

I gave up on caps cause caps suck. BLOPS DROPS OR NO DROPS. Thats my motto. But ofc not everyone agrees.

if you been playing for about a year your probably skilled up to one of the caps assuming your in null so alliance calls for caps and everyone hauls out caps, want to make more isk in null? get a carrier to rat with.

Please describe a good fight. Cause it sounds like you found one but wasn’t prepared for it. Shame too, 10 sc’s woulda looked good on whomevers killboard.

this guy knows WH exists right?

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