Plspls CCP - Shunt module

We are comparing 1500 vs 2000+drifting, right?

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Yes i got that but any battlecruise or smaller would have enough time to kite away. Better chance with the MJD at that point.
How fast would you make it for medium size? How fast for small?

Well a MWD gives you a slow burn up to a sustained speed for a longer duration than what im thinking, this module would literally thrust you in a direction really fast for a really short burst, i can think of plenty of interesting applications for it.

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and YES use a MJD … you know what it is you wrote in the other thread where you ask for it for carriers …


Well think about it this way, if you put it on a frigate, let’s say an interceptor that does 5k/s with a mwd, and gets up to that in 3 seconds, so if you put it on that ship it would get to about 10k/s but then slow down at the end of the cycle back to 500m/s in 3 seconds soooo it would go maybe 30km, which in unskilled hands could really put you in a bad position, you could overshoot your target, bump into them, you would have to wait to activate a mwd again so you would lose transversal speed, and ofcourse you would be using 2 mid slots instead of 1 for propulsion

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I’d want to bump, so i kick him off course, slow down to not overshoot and get in a tight orbit right away 3rd mid is scram, 4th a web - buys enough time for heavy tackle to roll in.


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so really … you want a module between MWD and MJD … how many of this modules will you need … i dont know how many ships you have but would you fit this module in 10, 20, 50 ships? say you have 100 ships for all you do … how many would get this module?

ha i get it … you jump on 100km to a target and look what it is … if it is ok to kill it you burn stright to it with that module … if he has such a modul he will be to sow to get away … thats the thing … a MJD will jump you 100km … doesnt matter if you need 90km or 110km …


That sounds like a good use for it, although it does open you up to being volleyed by most things if you go straight at someone, when i say it blows your sig radius up i mean… a battleship can lock you in sub 2 seconds if you use it even in a frigate, so you get the advantage of tackling quicker from a short distance, but now you’re locked by something that can kill you much quicker.

I’m not a daily forum battling warrior, i just had a couple of ideas and decided to post them here, please forgive me for not understanding something i dont use much.

No, this is nothing like an MJD, the MJD teleports you, this is like a mwd, but shorter and sharper in duration and speed increase.

I can’t see a reason to limit which ships would use this, you can put a mwd on any ship so why would this be different?

so … when you want to use it really? imagine it … you kant sa how many ships you would change in fit with that module … so … what for you want it?


I’d use it for things like tackle ships, blaster ships, GTFO situations, maybe stick it on a capital for bumping other capitals/helping with getting out of bubbles, bumping battleships, long range ships could use it for maintaining distance briefly against oncoming attackers… all sorts of uses, it’s basically a quick fire MWD, so think of what you use a MWD for and then that’s it, just… different.

You could use it on large ships to bump smaller ships to remove their traversal and angle a shot on them, as long as you manage to land the hit on them.

Thats already the case with the MWD but thats why it’s called suicide tackle and t1 frigs are cheap - just bring 2 of them and one will make it there.
In the cruiser size bracket it might even live to tell the tale.


They are called MJDs and over heated MWDs we dont need more arbitrary BULLSH*T.