Small and Medium Micro Jump Drives

I think there should be micro jump drives available to all subcap ships. The 100km jump range is well suited to battleships, which is why I am suggesting 50km for cruisers and 25km for frigates. Along with the reduced jump range, they have a much lower jump cooldown, amounting to a greater net speed from the module if used as often as possible. The net speed for large is already 556 m/s, and net speeds for my versions are 833 m/s for medium and 1250 m/s for small.

The new small micro jump drive would be used by frigates to “pounce” on other ships, enabling them to perform a very short jump. Normally they could close this 25km distance in only a few seconds anyway, but with a 3 second charge time, they can effectively close the gap even faster than an interceptor, but only if the target is at the right distance already and only once every 20 seconds.

The new medium would fit somewhere in between, granting less distance from the starting point than the original 100km but able to be activated much more often. The 50km jump range is usually adequate for jumping free of bubbles and while you may sometimes fall short, or may remain targeted and warp jammed by your pursuer, it is up to you to take advantage of your cruiser’s greater mobility to free yourself from that situation. These could also be used for attack, as a coordinated group of brawling cruisers could jump up close to any kiting cruiser fleet, and potentially get within close combat range.

Large Micro Jump Drive
CPU: 77 tf
Powergrid: 1375 MW
Activation: 786 GJ
Duration: 12 sec
Jump Distance: 100 km
Reactivation Delay: 180 sec
Can be fit to battleships, black ops, marauders

Medium Micro Jump Drive
CPU: 51 tf
Powergrid: 165 MW
Activation: 197 GJ
Duration: 6 sec
Jump Distance: 50 km
Reactivation Delay: 60 sec
Can be fit to cruisers, battlecruisers, industrials, mining barges, heavy assault ships, heavy interdictors, logistics cruisers, combat recon, force recon, command ships, transport ships, exhumers, strategic cruisers

Small Micro Jump Drive
CPU: 26 tf
Powergrid: 17 MW
Activation: 49 GJ
Duration: 3 sec
Jump Distance: 25 km
Reactivation Delay: 20 sec
Can be fit to frigates, destroyers, corvettes, assault frigates, interceptors, logistics frigates, electronic attack frigates, covert ops, stealth bombers, command destroyers, interdictors, tactical destroyers

In addition to these changes, here’s a fix to enable deep space transports to keep their 100km jump range: they now get a role bonus which says “+100% jump range of micro jump drive modules” but they also get “+200% reactivation delay of micro jump drive modules”. Combat battlecruisers and command ships should have their jump distance reduced to 50km, but they can also enjoy the shorter cooldown time.

MMJD already exists, for BC’s.
SMJD already basically exists for command destroyers.

There is a very good reason they are restricted to specific ships.

I already addressed that in the post.

Is it because they jump 100km? I already addressed that in the post.

This little thing called balance. It was broken badly enough by command destroyers.
If small ships get the same options as large ships, then we go even further towards frigates online.

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You say that as if you think I don’t understand balance. If my balance is off, then explain why.

It’s this little thing called reading my post. I’m not convinced you read it.

Not only no, but hell no. You do understand that “subcap ships” do not only consist of battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers, destroyers, and frigates, right? There are also industrials, DSTs, blockade runners, mining barges, exhumers, porpoise, primae, noctis, etc…

I clearly understand it, as I addressed it in the original post. Is anybody going to actually read my post before disagreeing with it?

Sure, mining barges with an MJD. 99% of them don’t have any tank fit in the mids anyway, so why not. Just makes 'em that much easier to gank…

Then I guess there’s no problem here. Those who do properly fit tank must make a sacrifice for the improved defensive capability of the MMJD. But since most pilots don’t, nobody will really notice anyway. Besides, it’s really only Procurers that can fit the thing.

Says the person who ignores any actual arguments in the posts they respond to and just pretends they don’t exist.
Really, you haven’t presented any compelling reason that frigates and cruisers need such a significant buff, considering their already strong place in the Meta.

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You can’t just not present an argument, claim to have presented one, and then tell me I’m ignoring it when I disagree with your empty assertion. I always address actual arguments. Go ahead and test that by giving one, I’m waiting.

You haven’t provided any compelling reason that giving these modules out is a significant buff to frigates and cruisers. I’m not saying I don’t believe it is, just that I’m certainly not convinced by so little as you merely stating it.

If it’s not a buff then why are you even asking for it.
You specifically stated it would allow them to escape bubbles, if that’s not a buff I don’t know how insane it has to be for you to consider it a buff.
Not to mention that the smaller size ones with the stats you have actually cover MORE distance than the large ones, 25km every 20 seconds = 225km over 180 seconds.

Like I said above and you ignored it, you are taking ships that are already strong in the current Meta and making them even stronger compared to Battleships & the like.
And providing no reasons beyond ‘I want it’

MJD’s can also be warp scrammed, so they wouldn’t be all that useful on everything. So, warp scrammed and webbed still means you aren’t going anywhere, MJD or not…

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It provides more options. Maybe it is a buff. We can discuss that. You asserting that it is doesn’t make it so. It being imbalanced is the more important consideration; just because it’s a buff doesn’t make it imbalanced.

So you’re not reading my post, you’re just word-mining it? Anyone who actually read the post could have figured that out. I put that in to save you time. Me speculating on ways that the module could be used doesn’t change how strong it is. Would you have supported it if I had made empty claims about how balanced and great it would be?

I didn’t ignore anything you said. You keep saying I’m ignoring your words and all you do is ignore mine. I didn’t ignore when you said it affects balance, I specifically addressed it. You’re still merely asserting it without explaining it.

This would remove the need for nullified ships such as interceptors. why bother, when you can just jump out in 3 seconds? Bubbles have a radius of 20km, and most frigates are faster than all interdictors. Guess we don’t need interdictor’s anymore, since literally everything can escape a bubble now.

Brawlers would be given a significant buff, while smaller kiters would take a significant hit. Many smaller kiters like dramiels, garmurs and kestrels that kite would be significantly nerfed, because a 3 second jump would land them directly into scram range.

Oh, so a major buff to brawlers. I suppose you intended for kiting ships to become useless. Why would anyone bother kiting now? Scrams shut down MJD’s and MWD’s, so it’ll be much harder for a kiting ship to exist in the meta. Battleships/Battlecruisers have the MJD to compensate for their lower speeds compared to frigates/cruisers, so if smaller ships were buffed then it would equate to bigger ships being nerfed. Might as well remove all of the caldari/minmatar ships at this point, since they’re inferior in most brawls. Maybe toss amarr too because blasters are nice.

So let’s see, Interceptors/nullified travel ships and the Kiting meta disappear, rendering bubbles useless and lowsec becomes dual rep gallente online.

I mean, maybe applying allowing specific T2 cruiser hulls to fit large/medium MJD might be ok, like HICs? Since they’re made to be a heavy tackler, having one of them “pounce” onto enemies might be fun. Smaller ship sizes however don’t need more mobility.

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40 km, actually, and most bubble camps use more than one bubble. I have found it is common to have more than 75km to travel just to escape the bubble.

If you fit a MJD to your frigate, that’s a slot used up, and powergrid spent when you could have had a MWD instead. If you fit both, expect to fit almost nothing else. Sure, 25km jump is enough to get away from an interdictor, but those don’t really catch frigates, do they? They catch bigger ships and shoot frigates, and that won’t change with the SMJD.

I agree. Is this a bad thing? I think if anything it’s a bit good, but I’m a bit out of date on the current meta.

I thought kiting ships currently had the upper hand, correct me if I’m out of date on this. But how exactly would this eliminate kiting ships altogether? It is at best a small nerf to their capabilities.

So the benefits of MJDs can only be used by brawlers against kiters, while the drawbacks can only be suffered by kiters at the hands of brawlers? That’s a double standard. I understand that brawlers will have an advantage in the MJD game, but either type can use the module, and either opponent can shut it off. Also, I think you’re overstating the power of the module and forgetting its limitations (specific jump distance, spool up time, cooldown) while also ignoring its fitting cost.

I can see you’re not here to discuss the idea. Muting the topic.

I feel like Alpha_Askiras and I are the only ones here who want to discus it. If you don’t, then don’t post.

This would effectively be a nerf to larger ships for no reason.

MJDs were introduced as a way for slower ships to escape pure kite gangs. As a battleship or BC wouldnt have the speed to escape an interceptor. Only a BS could potentially neut out a tackle frig at 25km. Youre dead if there is multiple tackle. BC was dead in the water though.

Frigates that go 3k to 9k/s do not need more mobility. An MJD Jagaur or garmur would be OP and dumb. Also, seriously, interceptors?! Theyre nullified, have point/scram bonuses and are often fit for max speed/snaked. The very last thing this game needs is small ships gaining even more mobility and negating ways that large ships counter them.

Consider this; battleships use heavy neuts to neutralize tackle before they scram. As they burn in, you hit them with a heavy neut around 18-25km to cap them out so you can either pop them or escape. A stilleto with MJD can just jump to you outside heavy neut range (say he activates at 35km) and then lands directly in range of scrams. You can still neut, but now hes in Nos range and under your guns. Youre dead if hes tackle for a gang.

Or, say youre in a battleship activating mjd to escape. Inty starts burning 9k/s in direction youre trying to escape and activates his own MJD. Now hes covered that 100km distance in seconds and retackled you.

MJDF was a mistake being put on a dessie hull, both from a lore/technical standpoint (why the hell can a dessie jump a fleet, but a battleship can only jump itself?) and from a balance/gameplay standpoint. We have command ships that actually needed more roles and provide links already. A command dessie still could have been released for more mobile links, but without the MJDF.

Small ships dont need MJD, and they never will need them.


I think you’re misunderstanding how this works. A small ship must shut off their other prop mods for 3 seconds to spool up the SMJD before they jump. For an interceptor that can travel 8km/s with MWD, the MJD would be completely useless. It would be used on slower frigates or destroyers probably.

It also would not be particularly useful against battleships, as you can just spend a few extra seconds chasing them down. They can’t get away unless they MJD away in which case you need to go a lot more than 25km to get to them. I feel like the SMJD would be primarily used by tacklers against mobile targets like cruisers or frigates that actually stand a chance of getting away, or perhaps by frigate roams intending to snatch up a large target before it can warp out. They would be great in gate camps as you can jump through to the other system and MJD to your target from the other side of the gate.

The SMJD offers a best case speed of ~8km/s for exactly one jump, and it can’t do it again for several seconds. That best speed is within interceptor speed range and below Dramiel speed. The sustained ~800m/s is less than most destroyers can get with a MWD, making it poor for use as a solitary prop mod. The very fact that most fits using it will have to fit dual props is itself a counter to the strength of the module.

I don’t think it’s nearly as strong as you’re thinking, and I don’t think it’ll hurt large ships at all. If anything it might help them, as battlecruisers will now have 50km MJD range instead of 100km.