Micro Jump Drive for Citadels

Citadels should be able to fit a Micro Jump Drive that would allow a ship leaving the hangar exit point to jump free of the Citadel while under attack.

The Citadel Micro Jump Drive would be multi-directional and could be set to jump a ship or group of ships 100 to 300 km away from the Citadel.

A cool down period of 20 seconds between each jump is needed for re calibration of the systems computer.

Each Citadel would have a total mass that was able to be Micro Jumped with a Keepstar being able to Micro Jump a single Titan at once or a total number of ships equaling the heaviest Titan available.

Perhaps of interest is that there is evidence to suggest CCP are working on a module that would allow Citadels to place temporary warp beacons (akin to fleet pings). Given minimum warp distances, and the spool-up time of a MJD, that might work better than an MJD.

But first I want to ask why you think this “remote boosh” should exist.

ok. why?

I do like the Temporary Warp Beacons that could be placed within 500km of the station to effectively warp any size ship to the beacon. For example a frigate could use the Temporary Beacon to warp to a location 300km away in ten seconds. A Battleship would be able to use the Temporary Beacon to warp to the same location in ten seconds. Once at the beacon however the two ships would have to warp back to the station using their own warp drive engines.

To keep abuse of this mechanic down I would suggest only five beacons could in a system at a time. They would auto destruct after three days and could be scrambled or destroyed once found using probes. If the Beacon is scrambled it would drop any ships enroute to the beacon out of warp almost immediately. If destroyed the ships would continue to the beacon but drop out of warp in a 25 km diameter of where the Beacon had originally been anchored.

The balance that would need to be used would be the warp to mass ratio because a frigate would be able to warp to a 500km beacon faster than a battleship would be able to normally.

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because clearly only one group should be able to use them

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