Give Medium Citadels A High Slot Jump Drive?

High slot because then you could restrict the firepower if that is the only reason people want to use it for [refit cooldown after jumping]. Medium Citadels [Astrahus, Raitaru and Athanor] only because large and extra-large have too high a mass [or something special like that] and too much firepower to bring to bear.

Naturally the citadels will remain stationary where they jumped to. The fuel they use are whatever fuel blocks are in the fuel bay. A days before they can jump again restriction would be useful for them too. Disruptors/Scrams/Bubbles would naturally stop them from jumping.

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I think it would be better as a service module - but also pretty crazy as you could deploy it someplace safe and then jump it into the location you want.

why the hell do you think this would be okay when even getting the 7 day unanchor shortened was a no go?

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Been watching Rogue One lately?

Might as well make Citadels into mobile star bases with this suggestion…

Death star anyone? :smiley:

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This would be hilarious, but probably badly broken. Jump your Astrahaus, full of doctrine ships, into an enemy system and have instant resupply available for fleet operations for a week.

This brings up a question I have had for a long time about stations and recently citadels.

If the most efficient shape to contain the largest internal volume for the least amount of material is a sphere…

Then why do not even the Amarr or some other faction have a station that looks like a death star, nix the super laser?

You could have an Astrahaus with enough internal volume to handle supper caps without sacrificing hull integrity. {would become stronger in this case, due to shape} Armor strength, {Would also be stronger due to shape and better coverage} and shielding as stations and citadels all have bubble shaped shields, utilizing that empty space surrounding the structure that is still protected by shields without additional energy expenditure.


Why not?!
It makes perfect sense!
Quick to deploy, very strong, lots of internal volume.
Hell one of these structures would have internal volume almost rivaling a Keep star!
Stuff a very powerful reactor in there and an upgraded shield projector and you really have yourself a quick to set up and nasty super efficient thorn in the side of anyone’s space!

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because we store things in sub space pockets unaffected by the shape of the container

Boooooo! Hissssss!
No fun! >:(


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