How is this possible?

I was in my Proteus at 120km from Target and the last hit on him with my Hobgoblin on his Monitor was at 17:08:05.
18 seconds later, he is Warp Disrupting me with a Baahlgorn.

Swapping ships outside a station with a buddy who has already aligned the ship to me? Thats the only tactic I can think of, that would work that fast… hm?

17:08:28|Combat|830 from ShekniSIOSP - Mega Pulse Laser II - Grazes
17:08:23|Combat|Warp disruption attempt from Shekni SIOSP to you!
17:08:22|Notify|Speed changed to 4022 m/s
17:08:05|Combat|20 to ShekniSIOSP - ‘Augmented’ Hobgoblin - Penetrates

A battleship fitted with Large Micro Jump Drive can jump 100km in the direction it is facing after a short cycle time.

A standard Warp Disruptor is 24km long, and if you were 120km away from him, the jump distance would place the Bhaalgorn within range to warp disrupt you.

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I was only surprised by the fast Ship exchange - Im aware that MJD can do that in time, but I didnt expect the fast exchange. However, learning something new every day is a good thing. I dont mind my loss :wink:

PvP alt. It’s Eve.

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