Nerf Marauders but properly!

What about making the bastion module require a little capacitor for activation?

Why use a carrier when you could just use a marauder?

Fuel + fuel bay is a better idea. Bastion already basically prohibits capacitor transfer already.

Long ago when still in development that was an idea they had. But dropped it.

Years later it be pointless. The biggest use of these is 0.0 crabbers. Most likely on the now cap alts who docked all those carriers when they got nerfed to crap and haw dreads aren’t ideal for this.

Basically the biggest users of this are probably fuel skills 5 anyway. They could make a new fuel skill. Which on a cap alt done means yeah…slap that in, remap and 5 that faster.

Newer players get screwed, bitters are going this is not all that bad the tl;dr.

Carriers got nerfed to where they exist to be ghetto jump freighters. Jfs with a bay to haul rigged ships basically.

Why? Long ago you’d plop these in havens and sanctums and watch YouTube and keep eyes on intel channels. Roam coming in? Pack up.

Pvp side carriers were almost as much structure remote rep use as combat. POs sov reliance changed, now crews really don’t want structures as much. 0.0 got cost efficient.

Why lose 10 triage carriers to save a structure…worth maybe 3 dead carriers.


Reducing warp speed does nothing to address their mobility problems which is mostly with their niche MJD bonus. I would suggest tackling that problem by either reducing its bonus, or increasing mjd spoolup time.

I think reducing the stats on the bastion module and adding a t2 variant would be a nice idea. Cap cost for activation would also be good, perhaps with skills to mitigate. Giving the bastion module a cooldown similar to cloak reactivation delay or the MJDs cooldown could also nerf their flexibility by a lot as well.

For something that was designed primarily for pve, its dominated the pvp meta for some time now.


Imo this game needs to move away from giving ships bonuses to specific modules imo. For example who uses tractor beams on ships without a bonus to their range?

Instead make the tractor beam have a default range of maybe 100 km, and then remove role bonuses on other ships and maybe introduce a module or skill or both that can boost tractor range further.

Same thing with the MJD, dont give ships bonuses to it because then you have to balance it so it only becomes useful on those ships otherwise they get overpowered. Do you see what i mean?

T2 and even Meta variants should exist on all modules so +1 for the T2 Bastion.

Most mission runners who use anything but a marauder, many miners, some PVP fits, and people who value their SP too much to run a noctis but run a salvage destroyer instead.

Your opinion should be humbled.
And not so. That leads to a much flatter landscape, which is boring as hell, and will kill the game faster than any poor balance. Rage at a bad balance patch retains feeling and fades while people stay invested and usually return in time, even if currently negative about x or y. Apathy at a bland sameness? That’s how you lose players for good.