Massive Marauder nerf and what to do?

That statement just means I’ll have to wait for others to chime in with more reasonable thoughts.

Marauders were massively overbuffed a little while back. 16 effective guns is stupid. A nerf would be welcomed.

A 3rd theory!

So, it’s easier to recode a whole ship class instead of just taking away the buff?

I hope you’re getting my point?

This is the problem people like this! They showed mock up of new marauder that has less DPS than a cruiser with all the nerfs. Ship becomes unuseable. Under 200 dps pathetic with new CCP Rattati setup.

Yet again, I ask for a link.

It was really upsetting when they nerfed my club and put nails into it. Now the poor pelt is useless after the clubbing. How am I ever going to make money?

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I wrap mine with thin carpet inside out so I don’t splinter the wood! :wink:

But I hope everyone gets my point. The pvp’es will just go on to the next best ship class. Then, nerf bat again for that as well.

Edit; CCP is fighting human nature and their losing.

See, right here.

Good eve players roll with it, and work with what they are given and adapt.

Bad eve players cry, and whine, and demand that “their” status quo is maintained. Completely unable to adapt and evolve as things change.

That is why we are looking at class action lawsuit for violation of agreements.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Are you old enough to play the game?

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While I agree, and I do. It still begs the question is it worth it to recode an entire ship class than just turn off some of its bonus instead in different space?

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How should I know. I’m 12 years old. I’ll go ask my dad. Hang on…

He said “what the ■■■■ is EvE online? Is that like My Space?”

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If you think you’re going to get a lawsuit on CCP, then maybe you are.

I… wut?

When did I ever say I was going for litigation?

Wait, did my Drac alt say that?

This is the real answer here. “The players must be punished and not rewarded” Its the Rattati way.


You people whine and cry way too much.

The player count didn’t go down because CCP made bad decisions, it went down because the losers are quitting, and good riddance!


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