Marauder and ECM

Last year i got to the point where i could finally fly a Marauder, a Kronos in my case. It felt like a huge upgrade from the Domi that i was previously flying, and doing LV4 missions was fast and fun.
Then i toke a break from EvE for a while. Now that i have returned to the game, i found that in missions with a lot of Serpentis ships e.g. Blockade, The Assault, my ship gets ECM hard even when in bastion mode. This definately wasn’t the experience i had before my break from the game.
My question is, was bastion ECM resistance nerfed hard or am i doing something wrong?
If bastion was nerfed, was it really necessary? I am getting flashbacks from flying my Domi, when i couldn’t lock on anything for minutes, but at least then my drones would take care of business.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

It was nerfed, along with resistances to all other ewar.

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You’re correct, bastion ECM resistance has been nerfed.

Marauders and Bastion have seen a lot of changes as result of the Bastions of War update.

Changes include buffs to Marauders (more capacitor for that Kronos of yours, for example) and massive buffs to Bastion, like a fire rate of 50% (= double the dps when active) and shortening the duration the bastion locks you on grid to 30s.

Some other buffs have happened as well, like increased sensor strength, increased lock range.

Needless to say, Marauders suddenly became good ships that everyone wanted to use. And they started seeing use in PvP too.

As result some of the EWAR immunities made Marauders oppressive in PvP, so at a later patch the (near-)immunity against EWAR from Bastion has been reduced to make it possible to bring EWAR against a Marauder:


  • Adjusted Bastion Module:
    – Target painter resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
    – Sensor dampener resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
    – Weapon disruption resistance has been reduced from -99% to -50%.
    – Bonus to sensor strength has been reduced from 1,000% to 100%.
    – Removed the ECM Immunity.

While Marauders still shrug off EWAR by halving the effectiveness, at least EWAR does something against them now.

Now what?

Your Kronos is no longer immune against ECM. You noticed that correctly.

There’s a few things you can do to reduce the chance you get ECM jammed. What you need is to increase your sensor strength. For a Gallente ship like the Kronos that means Magnetometric Sensor strength, which means you can do a combination of:

  • Activate your Bastion, which doubles your sensor strength
  • Increase your Magnetometric Sensor Compensation level
  • Equip a Sensor Booster module (96% more sensor strength for T2, scripted ECCM)
  • Equip a Signal Amplifier module (48% more sensor strength for T2)
  • Implants: Low-grade/High-grade Spur implant set for even more Magnetometric Sensor strength

Thanks for the thorough reply, i hugely appreciate it. Will definately try out your recommendations for boosting sensor strenght.

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rather, just kill the ECM rat.

Although sound advice, in the two missions i mentioned there are just too many ships that use ECM. My normal targetting is 146km, they bring that down to 20km the second they have a lock on me.

Then that’s not ECM but damp.

In that case use a range-scripted sebo, and/or snipe them from above their range, and/or nuke them from close up.


Sounds like sensor dampeners.

ECM makes you lose locked targets, apart from the ship ECMing you.
Sensor damps reduces your targeting range.

When I adviced to increase sensor strength, it would counter ECM. Sensor strength does nothing against damps though.

You could still use a Sensor booster module against those, but then with another script to increase targeting range. :wink:

My apologies for mixing ECM and sensor dampeners up. As you and Stefnia Freir suggested a sensor booster console with script made my life a lot easier. Tomorrow i will try running two of those, that should make it even easier.
Once more, thanks for the help and fly save.

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Yeah, ECM is not really a trouble in Missions against Guristas or Caldari. The bad thing is Damps, since there are often 3, 4 or 5 ships on grid that damp you down to really low locking ranges so you can’t even shoot one of them. And even if you end the bastion mode, the Kronos is not really a fast ship to close distances. One Sensor Booster with range script brings your locking range to around 240km, should be enough against a few damps with the 50% resistance bonus.


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