An incomptent fitting suggestion born out of utter ignorance and lack of proper experience

Well, to be honest i am not even sure this would be a right place to ask this.
I was thinking of a corp issue fit of fast and cheap ships with emphasis of great speed with one damage heavy weapon such as smartbombs.
So in hypothesis, a “suicide squad” of such frigates can simultaneously launch their weaponry upon enemy station, evade/retreat and repeat.
Of course what i am suggesting right now is definitely guilty of “that’s not how fitting works” clause, so I am trying to see why would this hypothesis wouldn’t work.

You are watching too many sci-fi movies. That doesn’t work in EVE. Frigate smartbombs deal no meaningful damage whatsoever.

A remotely similar thing of this kind would be ECM Burst ceptors, which warp into a fleet, ECM burst to break lock of that fleet’s ship and warp out again.

Stealth Bombers which actually launch bombs into fleets are another remotely similar thing.

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I appreciate your feedback, thank you so much.

Hell if you actually want to come in and do fast damage in cheap stuff you could just do with T1 destroyers and basically take a clue from CODE :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking of more of a sabotage tactics which put enemy fleets/base in shambles prior to actual attack.
As of CODE…
Well i am quite resolved to be their enemy.

In that case you definitely should give ECM Burst ceptors a try. Just be aware, you will get ganked by Concord in high sec.

The best alpha damage is found on arties if you ignore bombs (not the dumb “smartbombs”). So:

Take typical gank alpha thrasher fit with 280s. When you land on the grid, immediately start locking target, press F1 to fire all guns and already press warp out in a suitable direction - in continuation of the same line you arrived from (perhaps 2 SS with target in the middle). I don’t know what is the minimum “linger time” required for this operation (land, fire, warp-out) when you have it coordinated and if it is good enough. Frigs/ceptors would help here (also as it takes longer to lock them), but their damage would be noticeably lower too - likely to the point of “meh, don’t bother”.

This is a single target action where your ship is doing just a single salvo per about a minute. So, it isn’t a lot of alpha damage per ship (on the bright side, in fleet only the FC needs to warp in and out, the rest need to just focus on targeting as soon as possible and firing - so it does scale reasonably well).
But consider - if you just want to be annoying, just bring that destroyer fleet at the door, they cost <1m to replace when throwaway t1 fitted.

If you want more damage, you might consider tornado as a logical progression of the above - but at this point, fleet of smartbombing battleships is likely a better option, and you have many other “traditional” alternatives like ordinary sniper and/or alpha fleets or bombers.

lol a fleet of frigs firewalling will just destroy themselves

I have thought as much.

Thank you for your detailed explanation!

I think I get it now!
Thanks, I will give that a try!

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