Ganker Repellant?

This isn’t a cry post, just a newbro’s question about fitting.

ADHD version: Is there conventional wisdom regarding fitting that will at least give you a shot at escaping a gank attempt?

I’m still fairly new to EVE, and fitting is a spot in which I lack any sense of expertise. I know that ganking is the law of the land in New Eden, and if I lose a ship, fine. I’m a good sport and I’ll live.

I’ve got a little over a million SP, having only spent serious time playing over the last few months. I spend most of my time in hi/losec, usually fly a frigate or destroyer depending on what I’m doing. I can fly cruisers, though I’m not really comfortable with how they handle yet and don’t have the skills trained that would make them really count for something yet. I know the golden rules, but every now and again, I still get podded.

Given my relatively low SP, I know there’s only so much that I can do, and if somebody who’s a ten year veteran of the game sets their sights on me, I’m just boned no matter what I do. But my questions is this: are there best practices for fitting, especially regarding frigs/destroyers/miners to at least give you a chance at escaping a ganker in the typical handful of seconds before you’re turned into red paste? Are there “must-have” modules or rigs that anyone who doesn’t want to eat a bullet sandwich should never leave home without?

Ganking is more of a highsec term. They try and kill you before Concord kills them. So if you are in a mining ship you want more hit points and resistance to damage to survive till Concord gets there.

If you fly any ship into lowsec you are a open target for pvp. So it’s more about being smart about when and where you fly. You can scout a system first to check for gate camps, or don’t fly alone. There are mods that can mess with target locks but that won’t always work.


Fair callout. The two were still synonymous to me.

I do have tracking disruptors fitted onto my drone boat Algos, but if I do notice the aggressor (and don’t just mysteriously explode), I never have time to even lock on to them before the damage is done. Any examples you can give?

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In terms of ewar it’s jams, and particularly ECM drones (in the case of drones you can also just set them to aggressive/focus fire and if someone tries to kill you solo in lowsec then all you need to do is launch drones and align out, since the moment your ECM drones try to jam them you get a weapons timer that prevents you from jumping gate or docking in a station/Citadel).

For the most part in lowsec/nullsec the main way to protect yourself from unwanted attention is to fly smart and just be aware of where and when you fly.

For suicide ganking in highsec, the main ways are also to “fly smart”. Be aware of where the ‘pipes’ are that see lots of traffic (and particularly lots of high-ISK value traffic), never fly untanked hauler or industrial ships, even if it means you can take fewer trips- always fly max tank, and always carefully consider the amount of value you actually put into cargo.

The biggest thing when flying haulers is to try and make sure that it’s not especially profitable for the gank fleet to kill you, the chief way of doing this of course being that you don’t fill a max-cargo-expanded Badger with a few tens of billions of excavator drones, say, since this is tantamount to saying “I’m a moron please shoot me for fun and profit”.

For frigates and destroyers it’s going to be down to two factors:

  • what tasks/goals are you using it to accomplish
  • where are you flying it

For most PvE purposes the main thing will end up being “an exploration frigate filled with a few million in exploration loot”, in which case the answer to escape is probably “all the warp core stabs you can fit”. Yes yes I’m sure some will freak out at the idea of WCS on anything, but honestly if your goal is to run away to live another day then yeah WCS are probably your best option.

If a camp (or solo attacker) has enough warp scrams/disruptors to pin you even with multiple WCS then they basically came prepared for that specific instance and that’s just how it goes sometimes.

For other uses of frigates/destroyers most of the time it’s probably going to be more along the lines that these ships are cheap enough that it’s not generally too much trouble to write them off if they get exploded at someone else’s hands. The flipside is that in highsec most of the time frigates/destroyers are just not worthwhile targets for suicide gankers so most of the time you’re pretty safe there.

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Most of the time, when people suicide gank you in HS, they already know the outcome.
They KNOW how many hps you have, how long they need to apply DPS to kill you, they also have an afk alt ready to loot your wreck and theirs.

Contrary to what people will tell you, people get ganked in tanked procurers. It’s the game, it’s somewhat normal. Yet tanking your ship (ehp) is the only way to not be an easy target. And so to reduce the possibility to get ganked.

Also, there are places where very few people go . Find one of those, it will be safer there.

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In highsec don’t be a target in the first place. I bet you don’t walk down the street flashing your money in rl do you? same thing in eve. most ganks they are going for profit, the big exception being mining ships which get killed for lulz. Largely my advice for higsec mining is don’t as the rewards are pretty low and that’s without even thinking about the gank risk.

In lowsec there are pretty much no consequences for them so if they catch you they plan on killing you. Gotta watch local and d-scan so you can escape before they catch you. You mostly want to watch for combat scanner probes or ships that get close to you. In sites it helps to move away from the warp in zone so if you miss them on dscan hopefully you see them land in the site and can warp out before they lock and point you.

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It really depends what you’re doing. If your mining use a system with higher sec-status, but also less valuable ore. If you’re hauling, use the MWD+cloak trick.

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you’re getting caught belt ratting and doing plexes in low sec , the module you’re looking for is called don’t focus so much on the rats watch local and d-scan a bit more … :slight_smile:

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The log out button…
That’s pretty much it for high sec ganks. Once they decide to pull the trigger they’ve already done all the maths that tells them they can win. It’s just a dps race vs Concord.

Buy an Rorqual and move in Delve for mining in total safety (obvious you must be in a goon corp). Or you can do ratting in a any type of ship from a frigate to a titan. Most smart carebears moved there already :sunglasses:

smart and goon in the same sentence ? Which year are we ?

the way goons have dominated the MER I’d say they have at least one smart person.

I’m not saying there is no smart person. I’m saying you can’t say sheeps are smarts, even if there is one smart among them.

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Hi! I’m a suicide ganker! Almost 10 year veteran, too!
Be mindful about who you listen to.

I’m not convinced you’re talking about suicide gankers here. Your killboard tells me you’re a lot in lowsec, and you actually regularly fight a lot, or at least die a lot. There’s no sign that you’ve got suicide ganked at all.

Please clarify who you mean by “ganker” and where you encounter them. From the looks of it, you’re talking about pirates in lowsec and not what we, usually call gankers, which operate in highsec.

In any case …

Your best tank is being at the keyboard, being aware of your surroundings (always play zoomed out, your overview lags a second behind!), and the ability to warp out quickly either because you’re already aligned, or because your ship aligns quickly.

Literally everything else is secondary. There is no ship that isn’t covered by this. Ships, which align slowly, still fall into it. Their slow align time means that there’s an increased time of vulnerability, because as long as it aligns (or stands still) it can not warp off.

So when you don’t want to get killed, your best bet is your ship moving at some point in space (be it a bookmark, celestial or fleet mate) at 75% of your max velocity. Being in this situation allows you to warp out instantly. There are modules and rigs which lower your align time, or lower your max speed … like the higgs rig, which is great if you want to stay in a small area, but also want to keep moving.

Your brain and attentiveness are your number one weapon. Mistakes still happen, but from these you will learn. Everything else is pretty much secondary. The most important part, though, outside of the context of your question is:

If you can’t beat them, ask if you can join them.

(I didn’t read through the thread, only the initial post. It wasn’t really necessary to properly answer it)


I think I’ve got a pretty clear picture of where I need to go from here now. Thanks for the help, everyone!

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