HS Traveling with bling PVE fit

I want to start doing some high level missions in HighSec space with a Barghest. I’m kinda new to HS PVE. The fit I want to use is around 2b or more. (I know there are cheaper ships and fits that could do the job but this is a fun fit I would like to try.)

The questions are:
1) Is it possible to travel around in HS without being suicide ganked? (with this 2b+ fit)

2) If I change the modules for travel I could reach around 150k EHP. Is that enough for it not to be a good ganking target?
(I know the rules for freighters but I don’t know if the same applies for fitted battleships when it comes to ganking, I’m not used to fly battleships in highsec)

3) Also, is it common for gankers to try ganking you while you run missions in HS?

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  1. Yes, very much so.
  2. No need to change modules just for traveling around in HS. Every ship is a suicide target all the time no matter the fit. Never auto pilot.
  3. Yes, very much so.
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  1. Yes. Avoid autopilot, make sure you avoid common areas where ganking happens (the map has kills as a stat it shows - also DotLan)
  2. Yes, having a travel fit is not unusual - though I’d only bother where I needed to go through somewhere I feel nervous about.
  3. I believe it may be a problem in the busy areas - remember a Ganker will go for easy targets.

Anyway, based on experience: I fly Marauders for Level 4 missions - and they are in the 2-3bn ISK region - then it’s not been a significant issue: so saying, a Marauder with Bastion active is a tough nut to crack, more so than a Barghest.

Ganking is an economics game: remember about half the modules and cargo will typically drop. If that is worth more than the ships the Ganker will loose to Concord in killing you, then you are a viable target for them. Some kill for the fun or the big killmail, but generally they kill for money. This does make a bling fit a more obvious target than T2 fit.

Find a nice quiet area, work the Level 4 missions, keep your head down and keep an eye on local for sudden spikes in the number of people (and flag known Ganking groups red so you can easily see them arrive). You’ll be OK.


Where do you plan to run these missions? Asking for a friend.


You will die.

But, don’t worry, it’s just pixels, so if you can afford it and generates fun for you, go for it. Thats why you are playing the game, not?


Nobody messes with my bling bling fitted haulers…


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Why doesnt concord attack and kill people that loot ganked ships? Oh this guy was murdered. But it is okay for some other people to loot his corpse.

Seems a strange oversight.

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But it’s ok for miners to shoot civilian outposts, pillage gurista settlements and loot the diamond fleet?

Further, CONCORD is sitting idly asside when the triglivians pair with sansha to farm highseccers, which shows everyone who CONCORDs true masters are. And their true masters are not happy about miners shooting their asteroid patrols

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Yeah, it’s a bit sad that not even in High-sec we can try stuff.
I am a bit biased against Ganking in general. I find that it takes away a lot of my willingness to log in and leave the station. I still don’t get how it’s a good thing for the game at all. We have low sec, null sec and WH space for PVP in my opinion. I play since 2008 and I played WH my whole EVE life and I would like to have a high security to chill sometimes.

Anyway, I don’t want to transform the thread in yet another ganking discussion. I just wanted to know how safe it would be to fly around on my bling Pancake. It’s probably safer to try it in WH space or just log in into Singularity.


I think youre putting too much thought into it. Its perfectly fine to be vigilant and focus on all the small signs of any danger. Dont let it ruin your gameplay though…do your thing.

If you lived in WH space then you already have the cognitive mentality in place. Youll be fine. :slight_smile:


I get it. It can be done but I just wanted to do some activity where I can relax more. I know how it is to be D-scanning every second and I imagined HighSec would be different. :sweat_smile:

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You can try stuff. Nobody said you can’t. But if it is blingy stuff and you are not experienced in the environment you use it, you will lose it at some point. That applies for every space of EVE, not only HighSec.

So you can either

  • move to an environment where you have more support or more experience or less danger (Sisi)
  • learn about the environment by beginning to run L4s in HS in cheaper missile ships, like Raven, Phoon, Praxis, later FleetPhoon/NavyRaven/NavyScorp and then when you are a pro and know how to avoid being ganked, buy your blingtoy.

It’s the combination of blingbling and inexperience that makes your idea dangerous. Not the threat of ganking.


I’ve played with a blinged(kinda) barghest in HS for some times. Worst case I got is 5 cats landing on top of me, but I was always aligned so warped out before they could even exit warp.
Also I don’t think they were enough. Barghest can easily reach 100k EHP IIRC.

So now it depends on what you mean by “bling”, and more important on your attitude. If you mean a polarized with purple fit and you not using dscan or local in Jita, I’m afraid that won’t do you any good. But the same is true whatever is your fit.

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I would use that ship in a low population area, typical 0-5 person in local, so you can easilty see a local spike in numbers that could indicate trouble.

I would never go AFK for more that 8 mins in a 2BN Barghest sitting in a mission site.
And would never go AFK at all while at a station or a gate.


Contact me in-game … sorry I have no idea why it let me post on a char I sold at least two weeks ago.

I can give you a tonne of advice

Log off forums or clear cookies, then relog

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Just don’t take the ship through Uedama, that solves 90% of highsec ganking issues. If you do have to relocate it, fit a maximum EHP travel fit.

In terms of actually using the ship to run missions, check zkill to make sure that Safety. aren’t doing regular stopovers near the agent you want to use. There are plenty of backwaters that you can get lost in if you’re not fixated on being 3 jumps out of a market hub. While you might fall foul of a random roaming gank fleet, you’re unlikely to. Most gankers prefer to patrol the more densely populated areas and pick off low hanging fruit.


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