Are lowsec smatbombing BS still a thing?

I’m recently back from 9 years AFG (Clear Skies showed up in my Youtube recommendations). I have some stuff to move around.

In my day, it was somewhat common for a Disco BS to sit on a gate on a common lowsec route and light up as a ship landed on its way out. I once had a Rokh with officer smartbombs put my Ishkur into structure, so I figure it could kill a blockade runner.

Is this still a thing? Do the mechanics work the same way? Can smarties hit you if you warp-to-gate-and-insta- jump? Do people actually do it, or is it all highsec suicide ganks now?

If it is still a thing, will hitting the gate from the other side (using bookmarks) help? I remember stories of industrial-scale smartbombing in Rancer, wrapping the gate in disco BS to cover all angles, which would imply that changing angles worked otherwise.

ahh highsec smartbombing battleships doing missions, sneak up next to them in a cov ops… priceless

Those were the days

The irony here is they’re called “smart” bombs

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They are very smart they can solve chess puzzles and complex mathematical equations. :wink:

This is still a thing yes.

Check your route on
Use a scout/pings or warp to a celestial within dscan range of the out gate.


Evegatecampcheck is another good intel tool.


Yes they are still a thing especially because some interceptors are nullified. In many cases smartbombs are the only way to kill them. I smartbomb quite often and every so often the ceptors have a nice surprise or juicy pod.

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Nobody has been Santo Trafficante’d since 2017, sadly. 365days since my last smartbomb encounter.

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