Stealth Smartbomb Nerf?

I used to smartbomb on gates a lot. I’d hit my smartbombs the second the enemy was landing within my range, and i’d nuke them. Often before they even finish coming out of warp.

Now it seems you are 100% invulnerable while in warp, and also 100% invulnerable for 5 seconds AFTER you exit warp.

Did CCP really remove gate smartbombing with zero notice or debate? When did this happen?

How are you supposed to smartbomb people on gates if they have 5 seconds of invulnerability to click the jump-gate button?

Good question and lame if they did this

Low-sec is finally safe! \o/

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Now I have to test this as I haven’t smartbombed in a month or so. But one nerf that is present is the new gate rats in null. It seems like the gates are almost always occupied with rats making it much more difficult to sit there and smartbomb unless you have another toon clearing up the rats constantly. Heck, doing anything on the gates is annoying now (unless you want to be a ratter). We have lost several targets since the last update due to the rats.

im guessing this is because CCP recently removed all the empty asteroid belts (that were left empty when CCP removed all the ore from null)

So now the rats congregate on the gates, instead of being lost in the belts.

If this happened, it happened very recently as I’m 100% sure smartbombing ships about to exit warp was still possible a few weeks ago during the grand prix event.

And if it happened, I think it’s a bad change.

If i ever want to see if smartbombing is still happening i check this guys kill board.

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So rats are now A semi ally of explorers. Great. Don’t worry, idiot explorer don’t know How to use this opportunity.

Seems nothing changed to smartbombs then!

Maybe the OP are just being outsmarted.


No, i tried it a few dozen times. I warped an interceptor to my smartbomb battleship. Verified on both screens they were within smartbomb range of eachother, and turned the smartbombs on. No damage

I would turn 1 smartbomb on at a time, 1 second a part, seeing how long before they begun applying damage.

it takes about 5 seconds before the smartbombs start doing damage.

I tested this for an hour, many times.


We’re you by chance too close to the gate?

If they did then, haha, no more cake for you smartbombers.

Gate podkillers were ■■■■■■■ cancer.


Shots Fired.:muscle:


if you’re too close to the gate you get a message saying you can’t activate the SB.

Disco tears are ironic and salty

Stage 3 terminal cancer. I hope they did destroy this lame type of camping.

Well, it was working yesterday according to our alliance killboard.

Im afraid not. 2 days ago I lost a frig to a smartbomb mach coming out of warp. Its was goonswarm, glad to see their back in lowsec with the rest of us slums

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Are we getting confirmation before discussing it?

I don’t think CCP would do such thing like 5s protection, damaging a ship in WARP is a bug and must be fixed thou.

Looks like lagging problems to me.

Edit: If the server accepted the session change then you cannot touch the ship, no matter if it is in the screen.

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