Are Dreadnoughts any good for PVE?

Besides siege’s of POS, etc. Are they used for PVE doing missions, anomalies, etc.

Or are they a really mainly used for engagements in wars etc.

Just not sure if it is worth investing in if corporations don’t find it worthwhile to have in the corporation.

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Dread ratting in WH can be good.

Maybe some WH folks can give you more details.


Didn’t even consider a WH, that’s pretty cool thought, I could see taking on some sleepers in that,appreciate the suggestion.

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Dreadnoughts are commonly used in Class 5/6 w-space PVE.
They would be one of the most efficient ISK making though, comes with much risk.
It would take up to ~10 Billions ISK for the initial investment according to recent dreads prices and you can earn up to ~2Billions per hour with optimal conditions in solo.

Check ashy’s website, probably one of the most useful tutorial.

Other than wormhole PVE, dreads are usually not used in the PVE since they are too vulnerable to the gang.

I’ve heard of people using multiple dreads to kill pirate Sotiyos, too.

They are also used for some level 5 missions, kill the npc carrier one. Fly in siege blap the carrier, fly out and back in at 0 with smart bomb carrier.

It is risky as siege imobolisation not good if organised gang is hunting you. 90% of random tackle will die to insane room dps from full fighter spawn.

You can also use them for any random kill the structure but carrier’s can do it without the siege risk.

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