What is considered the best faction dreadnought in pvp and pve?

I’ve google this question but found very little information.

That’s probably because no reasonable person would use one for pve and for the most part the only reason to use one in pvp is to flex.


Chemosh. Vehement suffers from the same thing that the Moros does in that it has a weak tank, so it’d be primaried, Caiman can do any dmg type and has one fighter tube, but the Chemosh’s armor tank just looks more appealing. But if you just wanna flex, go with the Vehement because the Serpentis Victory skin on it looks sweet. :sunglasses:

Lol… this guy.

If you have any dread and you take it out for either PVE or PVP right now… clap clap clap clap…

Might as well dust off the 'ol AT ships and take them out for a spin.

Wouldn’t they all be primaried if seen on grid? I don’t think tank is a good deterrent to avoid being shot in a faction dread.

well, sure, but I’m just answering the OP’s question :slight_smile:

*laughs in C5 Naglfar*

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when you’re dock workers and feed two faction titans lol

Fair enough, a good deterrent to shooting the faction dread is to put a faction titan next to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Did they also have faction dreads on grid in that fight? I only remember seeing the two titan kills.)

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I hear they can be used quite well in WHs.

Where no reasonable person lives.

They are used thousands of times a day in c5/6 wormholes.

The best eve has is in jspace, both content and people wise.

Used to be, but it went to the shitter right around the citadel expansion.

The best faction dread is the Zirnitra. It has 1546 kills on zkill as of my writing, edging out the Vehement with 1453 despite having been introduced into the game much more recently. The Chemosh and Caiman are far behind with 249 and 237 kills respectively.

Damn, am I that unreasonable?

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Unbelievably, honestly I’m not sure how we even put up with you.

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