Marauder or Dreadnought, which is better

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I want to ask about what ship should I train for a dreadnought or marauder.

I have been playing EVE for some time I do PVE in null-sec.
Except PVP has tried everything.
I do PVE in BS and Ishtar for escalations.

now I want to train further ships Basically for PVE.

I am wondering what should I train for Marauder or Dreadnought.
I am fly Gallante and Caldari mostly very few times miniature.

I want to train for Carrier(4 month training time) eventually but that’s a little more training time than marauder and dreadnought(2 month training time) so I want to train for one of these first.

I ask for advice on which one should I train for?

Marauder or dreadnought
in the case of the marauder, I believe golem should be good, If you advise otherwise please tell. but if you advise for dreadnought then which dreadnought should I train for?

I have and fly all 4 marauders, I also have carrier ratted. If you’re doing havens and escalations, ishtar is still good enough for havens. Tengu is very popular for escalations also. Very few people fly marauders in null because of expense amoung other things. It’s going to take more then a marauder to possible break that isk threshold if that makes since. I’ve seen people use rattlesnakes more then marauders since they’re cheaper.

Dreadnaught ratting can net you more isk then carriers, non supers. However, especially with Dreadnaught prices are up the gamble may not be worth it.
With dreadnaughts, you have to siege to hit anything sub cap, forlorn hubs I Believe are what dreads use. You have 5 minutes for siege to cycle and 5 minutes to finish the site which isn’t impossible to make dreadnaught ratting even worth it; quite a few good videos out on YouTube about it.
The risky part is siege, you cannot warp for 5 minutes and only takes a second for you to be targeted by enemy roams. They may even say t2 siege module is almost needed which is 30 days.

Carrier ratting on the other hand, loads safer if you can follow simple rules to live by, thus never getting caught.

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So that means dreadnought aren’t even optimal for ratting
While marauders not only have similar payouts while ratting in null to dreadnought but also safer?


dread ftw! but you must always be careful for roaming fleets!

Marauders are what people use mostly in null now. There are also carriers but I rarely see anyone use dreads.

Only place I have seen dreads rat is wh… how did you even get this idea into your head?

dread is good for null ratting

I was gonna train for marauders. Was checking the skill training left for all capital ship that I saw marauders and dreadnought training is of almost same duration.

So asked if dreads are any good for it

Dreads can rat in null. They can even pull in decent isk/ hr

That doesn’t mean they are good compared to your other options.

There is a new capital PvE content currently in the test server. Apparently, dreads are quite good at it. Maybe you should take a look at the feedback thread and keep your options open.

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