Best faction carrier and dreadnought?

Hi, I’d like to start training for capital ships. I’m not in any alliance or something, so it’s simply for when I finally decide to go serious in this game. I’m wondering which faction ships are considered “the best”, if there even is any. Preferably it should be either Caldari, Amarr or Gallente as that’s where I have all the V weapon skills.

EDIT: This was meant to be in the PvP ship and modules category. Oh well.

I have oft heard it repeated in recent times that the Revelation is considered to be the best dreadnought. For what task, and the why of, never seem to enter into the discussion though.

But really, wouldn’t the answer change depending on what organization you’re flying with and their doctrines? Or are you gonna be like Lasker Emanuel and do some solo hero dreadnought PvP?

You’re right. I just don’t know what else to train for, except some random 2% to something I don’t really use, and I thought it’d give me an advantage when the time comes for applying to corps. I’m not going to solo PvP in a cap ship :smile:

I’ll say this then. Due to the capacitor-dependency of high-EHP shield fits, most organizations favor armor supers over shield. Training either Amarr or Gallente is going to be a safe bet for the forseeable future.

Alright thanks for your input Quelza! :smiley:

So everyone else is not serious?

Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I’m not playing much due to my studies, I’m finishing this summer, and as such have half a year of not being very dedicated to the game. A perfect time for long skill training.

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STEP 1: Join A Null Alliance
STEP 2: Ask the Null Alliance what is required to fly a Capital ship
STEP 3: Train
STEP 4: Train more because majority of Null Alliance have higher than minimum Requirement
STEP 5: Buy Capital ship
STEP 6: Spin Ship

Oh my god nope!

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