Amarr ships? Any good?

I am a miner, and most of my skill training revolves around mining/industry/PI/hauling etc., but I have come to a point, that I would like to train a little bit of combat skills. I really like the look of the Amarr ships, so I wanted to train those, but:

  1. In Faction Warfare they usually fly ships from the other three races.
  2. Gankers prefers catalysts, thrashers and tornadoes.
  3. Mission runners use Tengus/Gilas whatever.
  4. Explorers use Astros
  5. PvP fleet doctrines use ships from the three other factions.
  6. Even incursions don’t really use them (except for the paladin).

So I was wondering: if I would like to do all of those above (perhaps except of ganking) would it be easier for me to just learn to fly another factions ships?

Or what do you think, can Amarr ships do everything, at least good enough?

Explorers use Anathema too (Covert Ops). Also before the nullifier role bonus change, they also used the Malediction (Interceptor).

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The Dragoon and Omen can be very fun for lowsec PvP. The Retribution is an incredibly strong Assault Frigate.



Lol, for a second I thought my Procurer ran out of capacitor. :smiley:

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Executioner :heart:
Along with rifters i think i fly most executioners… then condors and rifters …
You need to begin to ask right questions…

You are listing some activities… but…
Have you try amarr weapon systems ? Have you get in all these hulls and experience ? Feel the hull observe the differences ?

In most cases there is no best or worst… how do fit and fly matters… how do you feel matters…
I love to fly rifters crazy but i find executioners more suitable to my nature in many ways something disturbing for other pilots might be your confort zone,
You never know it…
Fly them all first…

Check out the Frigate Yearbook too. So much good info.


Front page has Minmatar :grin:

Also… booo Google.

This yearbook is awesome! Thank you!

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Take a look at these videos :


Dragoon is a flying brick!

Good neut and drone bonuses.
Can’t maneuver for schnit. :-1:

Also factor in what kind of Ewar you like. All races ships can perform well.

You can also run elec abyssals and coecers are used to gank abyss gilas.

Good ships have good to great armour tanking, laser are great for no ammo use (except with faction and T2 lens cracking) and switching, though have a CAP usage issues (so you’ll have to learn to manage your modules), certain ships can be fitted as drone/Missile boats (dragoon and Armageddon for example).

Amarr ships are a good way to help train into Triglavian ships as they have similar ship features, and amarr ships are cheaper to get and fit.

It’s doing very well in the Arena right now. <3

Reread what I said.

I flies like a stone.
(It’s not fast nor agile)

Yeah I read it, just adding another thought about the Dragoon.

Then you are wrong. Eve is a paper/scissor/stone design game, no ship is good for everythg.
Select what you wanna do, and select the ship type (see hull bonuses, damage types, resist, etc) and fit accordingly. So for some activities, in some specific context, amarr will not be as good as another race

But if you wanna stick to amarr can you find amarr ship types which can do these activities?: of course you can
magnate and anathema for explo
confessors, amarr cruisers, amarr bs for missions
PVP of course you can

FW i don’t know

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I disagree, covert ops ship tends to get people all hot and bothered, even when it has zero dps or any capability when invisible.

People love to say EvE is Rock/Paper/Scissors. It’s another joke like EvE is dying.

Pilot skill is a giant factor. Nullsec blobs are kind of Rock/Paper/Scissors (if they even fight) but smaller gangs and solo stuff is all about pilot ability. Not skill points, actual ability.


I’ve seen plenty of omen and harbinger doctrines, and oracles are well liked for structure bashes.