Amarr ships? Any good?

One of the joys of Eve is that the four factions have ships and weapons systems that feel different to fly. There’s not “best” ship, but rather “What do I prefer to fly in certain circumstances?”.

I’m largely an Amarrian pilot, but do fly the ships of other races.

Amarrian ships are typically capacitor demanding, armour tanked and using frequency crystals (faction for combat against other players, T1 for missions as they are not consumed). An Armour tank has the advantage in taking less capacitor to repair than a shield tank does to boost as well as more options for configuration with a greater range of modules.

The general challenge for a lot of players is that to go down an Amarrian path is to focus on Armour skills, you will need Energy Turret skills (Amarrian specific), and good capacitor skills. It all starts to feel a long way from a lot of player’s initial training around shields and either drones or missiles - that may be why a lot of people fly “non-Amarrian” ships: because they’ve not trained into Amarrian ships.

Amarr includes some of the good Drone ships, although they have less role in a fleet - the Arbitrator is a cracking drone based crusier, but it’s main role is a support ship - e-war for a fleet for example rather than pure DPS. Likewise the Dragoon and Armageddon are drone ships with Cap Warfare bonuses (I knew someone who used a cap-war fitted Dragoon in faction warfare to great effect)

So, pure Amarrian options:
Faction Warfare: I know the Slicer and the Punisher are successful, as is the Coercer.
You can gank in a Coercer. But Ganking is hardly an honourable pastime for God’s ships.
Mission Running: Level 3 - Harbinger, Level 4 - Apocalyse. Navy versions if you like really easy.
The Anathema is a good exploration ship and a quarter the price of an Astero (which you’ve already trained the same skills for)
PvP Doctrines: The Harbinger fleet backed by Guardians is a common enough sight. Oracles for demolition work. Abaddons with Guardians for battleship work.
I don’t do Incursions but I’m not surprised Paladins are used there.

Amarrian ships are perfectly fine, but most people don’t prioritise the skills needed for them.
I did and I’m very happy flying them.


In Eve you use the right tool for the job. Not all ships are great at everything but Amarr does have some great ships. Some examples:

Imperial Navy Slicer is cheap and effective. Some of my funnest PvP fights have been slicer on slicer. You have to learn how to pilot it right though. Great speed and range but thin tank and is a little low on cap stability. Both are manageable. You can also do the team burner missions with a slicer and make a lot of isk.

Vengeance - a beastly frig. Tough nut to crack. Tackle and hold things above your weight and survive to tell the tale.

Armageddon - be the terror of the battlefield massive tank, neuts, missiles drones pick the combo you want for what your trying to do but excellent in small gang.

Oracle while not as good for ganking compared to the tornado it is cost effective for structure bashing due to high damage and ammo choices that don’t need replenishing.

Prorator with all its low slots has a lot of configurability. Can go for a lot of speed or max cargo but your not stuck in one or the other as much as some of the other haulers.

Augoror Navy issue - A brick with descent damage. With its massive tank you can take a beating in brawls. I like it to tackle above my weight or bring it out in situations where the enemy has a lot of high damage more flimsy ships such as being outnumbered by destroyers. You can still track them well and also survive the dps they bring.

I also like the neut + missile legion although the more recent nerfs to it made it more costly to fit right.


My favorite Amarr ships:

  • Retribution My favorite assault Frig. Usually I prefer my Gallente favorites, but the Retribution turned out to be most fun for me and my way of brawling.
  • Coercer Eight Lasers!!! Much fun for little money, Nullsec roams in Coercers have decent DPS and no ammo issue.
  • Oracle Did you ever try to shoot down an old offline tower? You need much DPS and shiploads full of ammo - or an Oracle.
  • Armageddon Do you like neuting? I do! So I like the Armageddon, this guy is a big leech.

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