After vni nerf, null ratting advice

Now the vni has been nerfed, what would you guys advise for null ratting vs blood raiders. Thoughts of mine Inc ishtar, domi, gila or multi purpose tengu.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Why you don’t ask in your corp/alliance for doctrine?

Because I’m asking a wider audience here.

You could upgrade to a Battleship-size ship like the Rattlesnake or Marauders, I’m sure they could fit your needs. Then it’s just a matter to prioritizing the right targets first.

3 options:

  1. upsize to a Dominix or Myrmidon and do the same thing as the old VNI but having to facetank the rats while being slower to warp out

  2. embrace the changes and refit the VNI to make use of its new bonuses for farming even if it cant use 5 heavy drones anymore

  3. swap to another weapon system and ships

either way you’re gonna have to adopt a much more active playstyle and actually be at the keyboard.

Was always active. I’ve never left a vni to its own devices.

Myrmidon seems much lower dips than a vni. Bout 30% lower. Don’t want to risk rattle cost in null so domi it is.

False, the new vni rats just like the old vexor did(still does) 12-14m ticks 100mn ab near 0 effort.
the myrm does a little better than that running circles just like the vni.
Stratios can crank out exactly the same as the myrm, while still more mobile since it’s a cruiser.
The Domi is the face tanker, and it has always been an option. It will do near about what the vni used to do but is 100% active.

You’re seriously suggesting players upgrade from a t1(empire faction) cruiser ~100m to a Rattlesnack ~1b or a Marauder ~2b. Why not just the ishtar? Does it not do exactly what the vni used to do for ~300m? I still say a stasis tower and/or drone aggressive ai(copy paste sleeper ai code) would’ve been a much better solution than what they came up with.