Idea for Dreadnaught Anoms in Non-wormhole nullsec

(Acac Sunflyier) #1

I think it is kind of dumb that ratting falls exclusively within the plain of carriers/supers. I would like to see dread ratting become feasible on a large scale as seen with carriers and supers with the addition of a new type of site.

What we currently have:

Currently, we have sites that consists of multiple waves of rats with carrying size that point, web, neut, etc. These waves spawn at various places around the grid meaning hubcap rafters need to chase them and capitals need drones that can chase them. This makes ships like dreads and titans impractical because dreads, to be effective, need to seige and be stationary. The varying sizes also are a hindrance because, to account for the various sizes, a dread would need to be fit in such a way as to make it impractical to use.

Each site has a combined total value that is pretty consistent with small fluctuations in the form of faction spawns.

New site suggestion

What if there was a new site that consisted of one super powerful structure? The bounty on it, after accounting for strontium, siege time, etc., would be about equivalent to the income rate of carrier ratting. This site would do what is equal to regular sites with chances of the same effects. But, it would do damage in such a way that carriers wouldn’t be effective. You would need to siege to really survive it. Additionally, it could tank the fighters or have extra aggression against them to discourage their use.

While I could see this being an uptick to supers, I think that for the average line pilot, it’d be more likely to encourage dread usage. This would also add more dynamic skilling among the population.

What do you think?

(elitatwo) #2

It would be but it requires you to sit in one place for 5 minutes.

(Old Pervert) #3

Go ahead and assert for me that there are more ratting carriers/supers than there are ratting subcaps. I’ll wait.

If you mean “capital ratting” then yea you’re getting closer. But then you need to remember that carriers are intended to be anti-subcap ships.

While your idea fits with the purpose of a dread (slugging it out with something big) I really don’t see the point. Nobody would realistically run a dread site in a dread, they’d just run them in supers and not be stuck in place for 5 minutes. Yea you might run the dread site in a dread, at least, until you get tackled and die, but then you’ll just want siege to only last 1 minute a la bastion.

Deal breaker right there. Any change cannot increase super ticks when CCP is already unhappy with how much a super pilot can make in an hour.

(Acac Sunflyier) #4

Right and it would take you about 5 minutes to finish off the site.

(Acac Sunflyier) #5

It would be my hope that the extra aggression fighters would receive would keep them impractical for carriers and supers.

(unidenify) #6

I prefer the different approach to issue about risk between Carrier and Dreadnought ratting.

simple add new sites won’t really address the issue.

I would lobby CCP to change 2 things:

  1. NSA to prevent a carrier from engaging warping until it finished its cycle.
  2. Either Buff HAW DPS Or Reduce Siege time (unlikely it will be popular choice anyway)

(system) #7

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