Allow Dreads to receive logi reps

This is long overdue. This would bring true balance to capitals. I am stunned that neither dreads nor marauders are allowed to receive RR from logi after the introduction of FAX. The FAX is the only capital that should remain unable to receive RR.

a bit of advice, start with why it should happen beyond just “OMG, I can’t believe they haven’t done this”


It’s not like they get huge bonuses in return for having to give up remote assistance.

  • Dreads gain massive power and tank bonuses.
  • Marauders gain massive tank and application.
  • FAX gain massive local and remote tank bonuses.
  • You don’t mention it, but HICs gain the ability to tackle anything, including supers and titans. In the case of capitals they also prevent gate activation.

Like Sonya said, if you want to ask for such a drastic change, be prepared to back it up with a logical argument as to why it should be changed. I’ll even give you an example:

I feel HIC inf. point’s ability to prevent capitals from activating a stargate should be expanded to subcaps as well as this will give them a place outside of specifically capital warfare where their role is to act primarily as suicide tackle along side their less expensive dictor brethren. Such a change will give them increased versatility in small and large gang by keep members of an opposing fleet from simply jumping through a stargate to avoid casualties. As such would give tools by which one could force an engagement by making fleets make the choice between jumping and leaving those tackled behind, or engaging to attempt to free their tackled friends.

I’m not saying this example is a good argument, or one I’m even in favor of, but it’s one taht’s been brought up many times which at least give us a reason why the change should be made.

The arguments have been hashed out for the better part of several years. If you’re an avid forum reader/even news/eve blog reader I don’t have to rehash them. Either you’re already informed on this topic or your not. If you’re not go inform yourself. If you don’t know about caps it’s because you don’t fly them.

1 Dreads/Maraduers become immobilized.

2 Supers and Titans can now fit capital prop mods

3 Titans don’t have to siege to use dread weapons

4 Supers don’t become immobile to use drones

5 Supers and titans have A LOT more ehp

6 Oh yeah let’s mention it again, Supers and Titans can fit capital prop mods

See the problem here?

The cost of a Super/Titan vs a Dread is balanced by mobility and EHP (not even including bridge+DD for titan). At the very least allow Dreads to receive reps.

1 - Yes, that’s a part of siege. Your point? Just being immobilized is not enough of a negative for all the power they receive.

2 - Your point? So can dreads, fax, and normal carriers.

3 - Your point? It’s always been this way. Amazing what 30x the pricetag allows for.

4 - Your point? Neither do normal carriers. Apples to apples buddy.

5 - Your point? These things have 10-30x the pricetag. Part of that are these increased benefits in firepower and tank. Now if you want to say supers have too much firepower for their price point, that I can get behind.

6 - You seem to think super caps are fighting burning around at high speeds using prop mods. I’ll give you a hint, we usually only even have these fit when getting into warp quickly or burning to a ping spot around a pos/citadel.

Yes, you have next to no experience in capitals outside of, my guess, a dread that you recently skill injected into and realized that it wasn’t what you had imagined.

Are dreads in need of a look? Hell yes, but what they need help with their application now that their primary target is not stationary structures.

It’s only a matter of time before the meta switches to supers fitting prop mods in battles. I can see it coming. Doomsday HAW 50000mn Titans. It’s comming. The DD immobilization won’t negate fitting the MWDs. When I watched that video of a Nag kiting in siege mode by entering siege after he hit max velocity I saw the writing on the wall.

So lets remove the immobility of siege/bastion/FAX then.
The new Ewar resistances mechanics allow them to still be pointed & webbed while in siege regardless, which was the whole reason behind the immobility so they couldn’t align then warp before anyone had a chance to get points on them.
So allowing them mobility would let the battlefield shift without causing imbalance to the repair issues.
Though dreads should be better outside of siege to make it a viable option to keep them out and get reps. Rather than the current all or nothing.

I can toast this too.

they can already just dont siege and you be able to get reps logic wonderful

Yes, dreads are useful when not sieged +1 troll

dont really matter if in siege and you can recieve fax reps if your primary chances are your going to die anyways, so the point of getting reps from faxes be utterly pointless anyways.

It’s not a question of stopping death. It’s a matter of a delaying it, especially in TIDI.


I posted on this topic in 2003, 2006, 2012, and 2015. Take your own advice and GO FIND MY POSTS, on the 3 separate old forums that this game has had.

If you don’t want to have a normal discussion where you post your arguments and people reply with their arguments, why the ■■■■ are you posting?

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I looked at your threads. For example here’s one of them.

You never suggest a fix, just preserving the status quo…in all your threads.

How would you un-obsolete dreads?

If a damn titan can fit dread weapons and propulsion mod (which I swear will soon be the new meta) how on earth are stationary unreppable dreads supposed to even remain in the meta? They suck enough as it is.

Old video. Every srs FC has already seen the trick and knows how to deal with it (tackle the dread if it’s not up to speed, refuse the engagement if it is).

Sounds great, but Titans don’t heave to siege and arent forced to use their DD either. HAW titans can do the same thing without becoming immobile and can actually turn. All you’ve done is proven how useless the dread is (tackle it if stationary, ignore it if kiting).

Jesus man. Your arguments make no sense. Titans aren’t immobile because THEY COST THE SAME AS 40 DREAD HULLS. Following your logic frigates should be bale to fit capital guns because dreads can do it. Your argument is completely illogical. Now if you gave reasons on why it would be healthy for the capital meta vs. saying “well those ships can do it”, some people may take you more seriously. Us eve players tend to react adversely to people who have crappy logic skills. Also before you try to sound cool by saying “oh you just injected into a dread you don’t know what you’re talking about” I have been flying capitals for a long time. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize you’re a joke.

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Titan also has doomsday and bridge and tons more EHP, those alone balance the ship. Unreppable immobile dreads are bad. Either you make them useful when mobile (66% dps of siege mode) or you make them reppable while sieged.

What would you suggest to fix the dread, or you claiming that “dreads are fine” ? If you’re going to claim “dreads are fine” then you’re the joke.