Fax Changes - Remote Reps vs. Sig Radius

Make Remote Reps depend on Sig Radius of the repped ship.

Time and again there is talk about how oppressive FAXes are in certain situation or parts of space. The longer I look at it, the more apparent it becomes, that the main problem is not their repped EHP on paper, but that they actually apply those reps to all kinds of ships no matter what.

For damage dealers (apart from Smartbombs) there is always at least one factor that will diminiush the applied damage. It can be Sig Radius or the targets transversal speed. Range is a factor as well, but this is already accounted for with Remote Reps.

For damage healers the same should apply. A capital rep module should not be able to apply its healing capabilities to all classes of ships equally.

I think giving Remote Reps a “Rep Radius” would be the best solution. It would work similar to Explo Radius on missiles. Capital Reps would apply poorly to Cruisers, Large Reps would apply poorly to frigates and so on. Rep targets equal or larger than the rep module size, would get all the reps the ship spits out.

It would lead to a better balance in the use of FAXes, but also generally more meaningful choices on what kind of logi to bring.


p.s. inb4 “Turn on your MWD you idiot, I wanna rep you”


Generally I’m all for it. I fly logi (cruisers) myself but I’m also open to hearing proposed nerfs to it. I once even proposed a nerf myself, but it was widely panned. It’s no skin off my back though; I can fly logi all day and be a coveted part of my allies’ fleet.

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How do you as a logi pilot feel about the prospect of having much larger Logi (modules) apply less good to smaller friendlies than equal or smaller sized rep modules? Will this even the field a bit?

I’m not experienced enough to say, honestly. My gut reaction is to say that it probably won’t change much because I have my doubts that it happens enough to be a problem. Again, not experienced enough here to say much. But your proposal example was for reps two sizes larger than the target. How often is a FAUX repping small stuff instead of other caps? How often does a FAUX get committed to the field when there aren’t other caps to rep? How often is someone fielding large reps to support frigates?

In theory I’m all for your proposal. I’m the sort of person that would prefer people to identify a problem and try to solve it before it becomes a more widespread issue. The problem is that EvE seems to be more reactionary than proactive - things really have to break before CCP takes action and that goes doubly so for players to even acknowledge there’s a problem.

I think the problem is that logi, in general, is a bit too good as a mechanic. Remote reps are almost always a “yes”, not a “situation dependent” like other things are. But my preferred solution to that is a lot more draconic, and like I said, nobody liked the idea back then. In lieu of that, I would be fine with your proposal, but I just don’t think [repping two sizes down] happens frequently enough for it to make a noticeable difference.

If we wanted to well and truly encourage bringing proper size reps instead of maximum sized reps (akin to bringing appropriately sized guns, as per your damage example), then we should aim for diminished returns starting on targets one size down. Two sizes down feels a bit too broad and encompasses too much to really feel like a worthwhile change.

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