No more faxes

Get rid of faxes and allow carriers to fit 1 remote repper. Change triage module so you can move and cycle time to 3 mins all other stats kept the same.

I got rid of my fax decades ago.

If i remember correctly force aux. were deliberately created to counter the prevalence of slowcat fleets and to take carriers away from dual purpose damage and healing machines into more defined roles. What exactly does your proposal do? puts us pretty much right back where we were.

Carriers don’t use drones anymore and carriers will only be allowed to fit 1 repper . Also their is the max repping restriction now. And now we have focused void bombs .

Or they can keep going down the route they’re going with things that just reduce the effectiveness of fax.

To address the specifics of your hate, what was the fight in question that brought you here?


  • A fax jumped in and was turbo-repping a subcap fleet by itself whilst being active tanked and basically immune to your damage
  • Fax spam meant the caps that you were trying to kill were /loling and such

My thoughts on the matter of fax balance:

  • Sig based reps, whereby a typical capital sig will get 100% application, and a typical frigate sig will get 1% application. Given the massive sig drop between caps and subs, subs wouldn’t get repaired for ■■■■ all.
  • Diminishing returns on capital reps, whereby the repaired amount increases rolling average impedence against future reps. For example, if I were to run a rep with a 1 second cycle time that repped 10% of your applicable buffer:
    a) First cycle would repair 10% of buffer
    b) Second cycle would repair 9% of buffer
    c) Third cycle would repair 8.1% of buffer

    k) 11th cycle of sustained rep for an original rep amount would repair ~3.5% of buffer (35% of original, since our 10 second rolling average has reached peak

A solution like that would ensure that it doesn’t matter how many fax you have, how powerful their reps are, or really anything. A ship’s buffer tank is the only real factor, the larger it is the more it can be repped, but ultimately a rep will eventually reach a point where it’s just not going to rep through the incoming damage. You’d need roughly triple your current fax numbers just to sustain current reps. I’m sure tripling fax numbers can be done, but it’d be a real ■■■■-show to coordinate.

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