Partitial fix for Force Auxiliaries (FAX) (capital remote repairer sig resolution)

Currently FAXes are kinda overpowered and they especially ruin gameplay for small and medium groups, because you need either use triglavian ships or bring big amount of people to break its local tank. But that is not the main problem. Main problem is that you stop breaking subcapitals getting FAX repairs. And nothing you can’t do about apart from switching to muninn/loki/artymach meta or join big alliance.

Solution to this is simple: CCP please add sig resolution to remote capital repairs. So the smaller the ship - less amount of repairs it gets.
Like battleship gets like 50% repair amount, bc - 30%, cruiser hull - 10-15%. This change leaves FAX main role - logistics ship for capitals and supers and it still somewhat can support battleship fleets. But you won’t be able to repair smaller hulls with FAXes and you will have to bring your logi instead.

This will give small and medium groups more options for fights instead of just leaving grid.

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