HAW FAX - Choose either Subcapital reps or capital reps

So Just like there’s 2 different weapon systems for dreads, anti-cap or anti-subcap, we should get two types of remote reps for FAX: subcapital remote reps that are effective at repping subcaps, and capital remote reps that are effective at repping caps but not so effective for repping subcaps.

It would introduce a choice with both pros and cons and hopefully make things a little more interesting instead of the current FAX that are very effective at repping anything from a frigate to titan.

What are your thoughts?


Same sig radius based application as capital neuts for capital repair modules basically? Sounds interesting.

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I’ve long advocated for (and agree with you about) sig-based returns on capital reps. Would go a long way towards reducing the issues that a fax causes when one is jumped in on a subcap brawl.

And since we’re on the topic, they need diminishing returns, to prevent N+1 from working in capital brawls.

Nothing stopping you from fitting a large remote rep to your fax (I think? I’ve never tried…). A large repper would be inconsequential for repping up a cap, so there’s no real need to add “haw” reps.

Good idea. Sig radius application would bring some problems, though, since you could just target paint your own fleet members and have them turn on MWD for sig bloom to receive capital reps. I think it would just have to be hard-coded that capital reps can’t be used on subcaps.

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