Devblog: Spring Balance Update Incoming!

Check out this devblog from the EVE Dev Team about upcoming balance changes for the spring and summer!

Read all about it here!


I like balance patches.


The fax changes are excellent.

Quick question though, what are your thoughts (using the same rep-power-scaling thing to avoid small repper abuse) of keeping rep power where it is and instead having remote repairs impart a partial impedance over time? (A stacking debuff for each rep cycle received which increases impedance)

Thus, 100 faxes could rep a target VERY quickly, but said repairs would drop off very quickly. Whereas 1 fax could rep that same ship by itself for a much longer period of time. The logic here is that a fax is still a subcap rep monster. They can keep subcaps up forever by themselves.

On the topic of Rorqs, how receptive is CCP to making excavators controlled like fighters?


Well Old Pervert, that’s a cool idea. We explored several other options and may come back to this in the future. We thought this solution was a good step, especially given the time frame we wanted to hit.


I think my only issue here is the fighter changes to some extent, I understand that they need to be brought in line, but it hurts carriers that don’t have a fighter damage bonus more than those that do in particular. A Thanatos for instance, even with the changes, will still apply more damage than say, a Chimera, simply by it’s higher damage output. I still need to do some math, but off the cuff I believe the Thanatos will be applying the amount of damage that the Chimera currently does, and the Chimera will drop a fair bit lower than it already does on applied damage.

Otherwise I’m quite pleased with the changes coming into play! Especially the Gila change, being a big Gila pilot myself, you made a solid and needed balance adjustment without wrecking the hull’s utility!

Edit: saw the NSA changes, and while likely needed… I am somewhat displeased by it for two reasons, one it makes smaller carrier deployments more vulnerable than they already are to larger ones, and two, from a lore perspective it really makes no sense, even with the usual ‘CONCORD did it’ handwaving.


I certainly agree. It definitely helps the issue.

Gasp!! A Gila nerf! (even a small one). Let the wailing begin.

…and Aura becoming “Falconized” should dramatically cut down on NPE use, while dramatically increase self podding numbers.


Some interesting things there. Maybe we can see Harbinger fleets again.

At very large scales fights feel frustrating due to the power of Force Auxiliaries.

What CSM told you that? Very large fights feel frustrating because your servers can’t handle it and you force them down our throats.

Rep scaling? Are you sure your servers can handle that? They can’t even handle bounty calculations under tidi.

As for HAW on titans? Why not remove them entirely from titans? Give dreads something to be useful with. Titans already have the Boson and very long range smartbombs due to their size, they don’t need anti-sub capital weapons at all.

As for that NSA stuff: Preventing warp does not mean preventing movement, correct?

Rorquals are extremely powerful mining foreman ships,

And thus they should be limited to 1 around 1000 km around an asteroid as the central boosting figure in a mining fleet. Your changes do nothing to alleviate the problems that mass rorqual use poses. They are still more convenient to use than exhumers, expecially AFK and their drone DPS even from just 2 Rorqs is still some serious defensive capability for just 2 ships.

Caracal Navy issue

  • Drone bay and bandwidth increased to 25m3

Neither we nor the server needs more drones. It simply cannot handle more drones. Give that ship something that is actually useful in combat and that does not actively hurt server performance. For Steve’s sake…


  • Bonus to Large Energy Turret damage increased to 7.5% per level (was 5%)

The Abaddon needs more cap, not more damage. (as someone below also said). It has enough DPS but it has not enough cap to sustain it. And with your nerfs to cap transfers, you can’t even use Guardians to cap Abaddons up effectively any more. You are shooting yourself into the knee… Pay attention to what you do! And in the last 10 years there have been dozens upon dozens of requests to give the Abaddon more capacitor capabilities so that it can be more useful. You ignored that again even though you must have looked at the Abaddon and tinkered how to “improve” it… This is not good.

oh, one last thing, we’re also looking into modernizing our marketing material, lore updates and NPE to meet current trends:

If I see that gullible face ingame, I am so going to snap.


wanna see how the gila change affect abyssal pvp where it is the most used hull.
easier to counter the 3k active tank ones by blapping drones



Seriously so fricken astounded right now at how happy this WHOLE thing makes me…

But i am THROUGH THE ROOF happy about the corax change.

" Corax

  • PG increased to 53 (was 48)"

Do you know what this DOES!? my god, this is going to make it my GO TO ship!! I LOVE THIS!


And the gila change might make it so that the Abyss runner actually have to train into a HAC… they’re going to CRY. i love it.


Abaddon out deepsing nightmare…yeah that is a real balance problem…stated no one ever.
What about arma navy you know ship that needs balance pass…or navy battleships in general.

Gila recieved slap on a wrist…cute.

Failure correction to capitals…welcomed even when few years late.


cries in ferox im liking some of the stuff listed in the blog. specially those changes to Amarr ships (albeit the Abaddon bonuses dont convince me, it doesnt need more damage it needs cap efficiency for its laser turrets much like the Punisher is there a reason on why you try to keep the damage bonus?).

i wonder how impactfull are those nerfs to the VNI tho, slower heavy drones + increased signature sounds like a big hit coupled with the changes to anomaly respawns not to mention whatever effect it could have in Abyssal PvP (in the case people actually use navy ships there).

either way those are some good changes, cannot wait to see the implant and tiericide stuff on the next balance update.

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It will be interesting to see how many accounts go alpha after this. I am going to reduce my active accounts by 8.


Rorqual changes, fine, but you went too far with the NSA changes.

EDIT: Cut the effectiveness in half, but not disable warp while active


How about skill farms.

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Hi Tamar! Welcome to our community! :smiley:


please introduce the ‘mini carrier’ meta. A 1 tube fighters boat


Looks good to me, I was going to do something stupid and risky with a carrier, but with the change to fighter application it is perhaps a bit too risky now. Apart from my sour grapes on you making me go too risk adverse on that little adventure I think a pretty good balance change overall.

The point made about Abaddons needing more power recharge is an important one, but I do like the increase in DPS as I rather like this ship.

Well done CCP.




In general these are steps to the right direction but you forgot to remove bosons. Rorqual max yield also should be no more than Orca +30%.

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