What I've done in response to Spring Balance

CCP has elected to pander to those who don’t actually play in nullsec or to hose who have lobbied solely out of self interest. Their spring balance pass is an attempt to nerf nullsec. I live in null, let’s see how I’ve responded to the scheduled balance pass:

1.) Got a new fax alt and some more faxes. Now instead of travelling with one fax I’ll travel with two. Thx CCP for making my stuff harder to kill and further increasing PLEX prices to accommodate even more alts.

2.) Nerfing supers? That’s okay, I’ve always had two Wyverns, now is as good a time as any to inject one of my spare cap pilots into optimal Wyvern skills. Guess I’ll be flying two at the next UALX. Yay for supercap proliferation.

3.) Nerfing rorquals? Hey, that’s okay. I’ve already got my new rorqual alt ready, and with two faxes now I might not even need to siege, just dump the faxes and then my two supers once everyone is ready. Yay for increased plex prices and harder to kill rorquals.

This balance pass is best described as shooting yourself in the foot to spite your face. Not only is it self-harming, it doesn’t come close to achieving the intended effect.

This summer is going to be quite interesting with all these new supers and faxes laying about. This time next year PL is going to be crying about server crashes instead of their inability to break FAX tanks.


P.S I think the HAW titan nerf was cute, we can keep it

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