What is the cockroach ship?

(Chei Ichosira) #1

I saw someone link it in Jita local today and I was just wondering what it is as I have never seen it nor heard of it and, how if possible do you aquire this ship

ps. Sorry for bad english

(Duo Roman) #2

That’s a CCP ship for CCP employees only.

(Morrigan Laima) #3

It’s a convenience item for CCP employees and possibly bug hunters, which is obviously intended to make it easier to conduct testing. It fits almost any module, and has massive cargo capacity, letting them test a wide range of mechanics without having to change ships.

(Chei Ichosira) #4

Yea that does make sense. I would love to see a CCP member take that out and Solo PvP in or create an event called kill the cockroach or something

(Neuntausend) #5

Haven’t seen any dev events in a while, do they still happen?

The problem I see there is: It’s ok as long as the dev flies tech that is available to players as well, but what happens if said dev were to shoot someone with an overpowered devship? Wouldn’t that just cause a lot of unnecessary drama?

In any case, the cockroach is a bughunting ship, and that’s likely where the name comes from as well. I think there was a way to get one on Singularity, which made sense, considering it’s the test server. But I don’t know if that’s still a thing.

(Anabella Rella) #6

You couldn’t kill one as they have 99.9% resists. Also, devs and bug hunters are forbidden from PVP in those ships for obvious reasons. They’re EXTREMELY OP.

(Duo Roman) #7

Of course they can be killed:

(Cristl) #8

7214 points of damage and a glowing green killboard for life. Nice day out.

(Zirashi) #9

Zkill damage total is raw hp not EHP. A Cockroach with no modules has 7.5bil ehp according to osmium.

(Cristl) #10

I don’t think the stats were working correctly though were they (or were different then)? How could a Drake and an Ishkur break a shield of 5,000,000 with a regen of 19,200 hp/sec (base hp, not ehp)

It’s a bughunting ship. I’m guessing its stats were jiggled to test something, and:

something happened :joy:

(Ian Morbius) #11

Proof! Proof that ccp doesn’t know how to fit their own ships. It’s a bad fit.

I keed. :wink:

(Cristl) #12

I’d like to think they were testing the self-destruct function, suffered a ‘cat knocks cup off table into lap’ emergency, and that’s when the two likely lads showed up…

And it dropped a polaris enigma frig. Nice trophy!

(Blade Darth) #13

Only dev event I heard of was someone dropping a Jove battleship on a gate camp.

(ShahFluffers) #14

The stats for the Cockroach were different back then.

Around that time, the only ships that had 99% resistances were the Polaris Frigates.

After this little incident, the player was awarded 2 PLEX because one of the things that dropped from the DEV ship was something that players should never have. The Cockroach was then superbuffed so nothing like this would never happen again.

Here is the original thread!

(Cristl) #15

Good find, cheers.

How come the Cockroach is valued at a trillion ISK, especially if it was weak back then, and the Enigma just 0.01 ISK. Probably known only to Squizz…(I’m avoiding enigma jokes, check out the self-restraint).

(JC Mieyli) #16

what the hell
it dropped a polaris
those guys got a polaris

(ShahFluffers) #17

For a grand total of a day. :slight_smile:

The DEVs removed it from the player’s hanger and gave them 2 PLEX (old PLEX).

Even if the DEV’s did not do that, the players would not have been able to fly it. It requires a ship skill that cannot be found anywhere (Jovian/Polaris Ship skill).

(ShahFluffers) #18

Enjoy. :smiley:

Notice that capitals are attacking the Jove Battleship and the shields are barely being scratched!