JOVE rebuilding their stations?

Are the Jove repairing their stations ? I saw this happening in High sec today.,

Do you mind mentioning where/when you saw this?

My best guess is he saw them rebuild a gunstar platfrom or whatever they’re called or something like that? :thinking: Just a guess though.

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What system?

If the Jove are in fact rebuilding systems in High Sec, what does that mean for the rest of New Eden? A sudden assault by the Jovian’s across all sectors? Jovian’s capturing systems like the Triglavian’s have done? The slaughter of trillions of New Eden citizens as the Jovian strangles the life blood from otherwise peaceful and back water systems. New Jovian Proving Grounds that give us our first glimpse of Jovian space and resources?

Whatever Hell the four empires went through after the Eve Gate collapsed, will be nothing compared to a Jovian assault on New Eden.


OP has provided no citation yet lol. Let’s hold our horses.


Is it possible the OP is referring to Jovian Observatories being repaired?

This technically would still make the OP statement truth.

This is -ABSOLUTELY- worth checking out. Possibly in Amarr space especially.

Lets just say, I have a hunch.


No clue but everything is possible. Go for it and let us know if you find something. :slight_smile:

Well, it seems that there has been some recent activity around Jovian Stations. The Jovian Genolution Biotech Stations in Vullat seem to be undergoing “renovations” as we speak.

I wonder who the new owners are.

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