Why add Triglavian and EDENCOM and not Jovian?

Hello, its like CCP knows what people want and then does something completely different or opposite? What is that about? Genuinely curious

Btw. a cool name for a new ORE Titan could be “Crag”. Really dirty and really loud. Mostly does mining but does it well. It can fit Capital Mining Lasers and also a Mining Doomsday. Im not sure excatly what that should do, but maybe it should be able to destroy planets and moons. Or maybe not. Have a nice day.

They dont know what people want.
Do you know what other people want?

People dont know what they themselves want.


@Iceacid_Frostpacker knows what he wants, he wants the cold dead body of @Aiko_Danuja

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Finally he got what he wanted and immediately got bored of it then tries to sell that old outdated toy. :upside_down_face:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :blush:


Jovians are dead. You would know that if you read the lore at least a little bit.


Therefore by the transitive property, all dead ships are Jovian ships. EVE is full of Jovian ships.

Too late, OP - CCP beat you to the punch!

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That used and abused space doll received a low bid.

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For those who don’t get the inside joke, who’s the corpse of?

Aren’t Trigs Jovians? Just like Sleepers and Drifters. Basically for the last decade every time a new faction was added it was some splinter group of the Jovians.

How about something not Jovian for once?

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There were Jovian ships in the game at one point, but they were removed. Not sure why… maybe CCP has future plans for them.


WTB Jovian Visitant Battleship
(too bad it’s a hauler, but it would be dope as a battleship)

Jovian ships were only usable by devs before removal from the game in Rubicon 1.3.


I knew someone who had an Eidolon (I saw it,) who was not a dev.

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Trigs are not Jovians. Just another human group in New Eden. Don’t know if there’s any lore on their origins.

Sleepers and Drifts are “related” to Jovs. Lots of lore on that.

Sleepers and Drifters don’t like Trigs because Trigs also manipulate the fabric of space.

Uriel did it not me

They’re all break off groups from the 2nd Jovian Empire. The 3rd Jovian Empire is the one that died recently.


The Gnosis is a Jove Battlecruiser…

All the other SoCT ships are based on Jovian design.


If Jovians are dead you could add derelict Jovian ships and stations for people to discover, reverse engineer and or even refurbish. Or dont

Sleepers are kind of this.

Noone cares about those?

Wormholes do.