The Jove invasion

Incoming SOE distress call: We are under attack by unkoFT TYkuN. We need help I repeat we need help. They jDFB appeared out of no wheGH.

After this, an concord task force was sent to go and help the SOE fleet and to see if there were any survivors. There were none. There were though strange ships of unknown origin. Concord took those ships to examine where the ships may have come from and what banner they belonged to.
Two weeks later
There had been 7 attacks from it on the same ships all with no survivors. Concord has announced That these ships Fall under a recently thought-gone Empire the Jove. It is unknown what is promoting such hostile aggression and negations are being attempted at this very moment.
One week later
Negations have fallen through the Jove have declared war on the enter cluster but they do seem to be attacking the Trigs the hardest welts they seem to have formed an alliance with the drifters. New filaments have been found leading to unknown regions of space

any donations will help with me adding to the story of how this update could work


Role play is here.

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