Concord lore?

Is there anything written regarding the formation of Concord, it’s purpose and history?

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wondrous lore secrets are unlocked if you wear a CONCORD suit while flying a CONCORD ship with a CONCORD skin applied

That write up is good.

However, it mentions 5 empires. Not 4?

I didn’t read it just linked it. It is the official lore website so you can read other articles there. Not sure about the 5th empire, maybe it refers to the Jovians as the fifth. Some lore nerd might chime in and correct things if my guess in not factual.

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That’s what I’m thinking too.


You are correct. The lore refers to the time when Jove still, like, existed and were part of CONCORD.

Lore Nerd


I thought it was referencing the Khanid Kingdom

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It refers to the Jove Empire as the 5th. Their seat at the CONCORD table is now occupied by the Society of Conscious Thought, who were designated by the Jove as their inheritors.
Source for that:


That was awesome!!! :+1: :+1:

Seems to give an explanation to the Caroline’s Star event too.

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I was looking to see if the 2d version of classic map had been removed ( @Rail_J_kar ) and I saw something I’d never noticed.

Have Jovian constellations 0VFS-G and B-HLOG always had gate connections? Top right

I did notice that myself a couple days ago when I was looking at the map. I’m not sure about those in particular… but there used to be a lot more gate connections in Jovian space. I believe the gates went offline during the Caroline Star event.


I think those gates went back online a couple of months ago, before Fanfest.
It lead some to think the “big announcement” at FF would be the re-opening of Jove space.

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hmm… if they went online during fanfest, they certainly could have something to do with the deathless faction.

Alternatively… it could just be ccp testing the gate system on the live server. CCP has had some issues with the athounon - samanuni gate. Both the inactive / active state in relation to the autopilot route, and the fact that Athounon retained it’s frontline status even though the gate was deactivated when galmil held the system.

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