How does CONCORD work with the Empire Politics

From bits and pieces of the lore, I can tell that CONCORD is not just tolerated by the 4 empires, but they actually want CONCORD’s presence. However, it seems to me that the Amarr and Minemetar generally have opposed interests and Gallante and Caldari are also at each other’s throats. So these guys are like “OK, I hate everything you guys do, but we both agree CONCORD is needed?”

CONCORD is more an answer to feral capsuleers, in a nutshell


The best way to think about it is CONCORD is the clusters UN. The goal of CONCORD is to ensure peace between the four empires. Once the capsuleer age dawned CONCORD took on the new mission of also policing the new immortal ‘threats’ as a neutral party, independent from any one Empire, but beholden to them all.

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except for the part where CONCORD is now functionally self-funding and able to make unilateral actions now for non-Inner Circle things

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Well, there is an interesting discussion within the IC in Templar One where they discuss their mandate and if they should step beyond it.

It seems very true that since the Jovian guard dogs have left, CONCORD and SoCT have taken on the whole “shadow government” thing.

My favorite part about CONCORD is where they sit in an asteroid belt with you, drinking coffee and eating donuts while your Retriever gets torn to pieces by diamond-level faction pirates, perhaps even taking bets on how long your ship is going to last.

I wonder if there is a way for CONCORD to be hostile to the diamond pirates but have their presence be short enough that they cannot be used as an effective guard. So like they arrive at a belt to kill any gankers. Then hang around for a few mintues, and killing diamond rats than spawn. Third, they go away and then once off grid your barge is on its own.

CONCORD was founded by the 5 empires - this includes the Jovian Directorate that has by now ceased to be as a functioning nation - as already mentioned, fulfilling much the same role as United Nations. It has since outgrown the Empire’s funding and original purpose to some degree, but one of its core functions is still trying to maintain relative peace among the “Big Four.”

As for the topical question, CONCORD is kind of a pressure valve where representatives of the empires go to bicker discuss about various grievances they might have about the other empires, which they obviously have many. So far, while there have been conflicts between the empires, CONCORD has managed with some difficulty to keep the cluster from plunging in to a total war, and the appearance of first the Drifters and then Triglavians has also helped somewhat to divert the clusters attention a little more towards co-operation in the interests of mutual survival.