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I have been reading the lore of the Yan Jung culture that disappeared some thousands of years ago and that no one knew what happened to them.

“The Yan Jung nation immigrated into our world through the EVE Gate eons ago. From where, we do not know, though the fragments of texts we’ve managed to translate talk about a mysterious middle kingdom.”

The history states that the Yan Jung nation came in through the EVE Gate eons ago. From where, we do not know.

Was the EVE Gate unregulated as too who could use it to enter New Eden or is there a ‘back door’ that the Yan Jung came in through? If the Yan Jung had used the EVE Gate they would have been registered as travelers on both sides of it while traveling back and forth bringing supplies and more people into New Eden while returning to their home world with the news of their discoveries and treasures.

For most historians the history of the Yan Jung is that they simply vanished. Without any history of mixing with other cultures in the log books it could be safe to assume that they discovered a wormhole that existed in parallel with the EVE Gate. Once the EVE Gate collapsed however the early wormholes in New Eden would have possibly have collapsed as well trapping the Yan Jung in their new world separated not only from other New Eden cultures but from other Yan Jung tribes as well.

One could even theorize that the Yan Jung might even be part of the Drifters. Both Drifters and Yan Jung are mysterious and have appeared in New Eden through conjectured means. Both posses technology that was far more improved than any of the four Empires. Some of the devices of the Yan Jung are still unknown today such as the device that has a repulsive force that’s almost impenetrable. It also has regeneration mechanics and a perpetual power source.

The ships of the Drifters themselves have an almost impenetrable force around them along with their ships having a superior ability to regenerate their defensive systems.

Could the Jovians have discovered the Yan Jung trapped in a wormhole thousands of years ago and gave them technology to survive? Could the need of the Drifters collecting corpses be the Yan Jung trying to keep their culture populated with the residual skills left behind in the shell of the Capsuleer’s neurons?

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I have an excerpt I wrote down right from the old Evelopedia:

The Yan Jung are one of the known ancient space faring races of New Eden, the others being the Sleepers, Takmahl and the Talocan.
According to Sebast Mathon, the Yan Jung nation immigrated to New Eden through the EVE Gate and settled in the Deltole system, specifically Deltole V and VI, which seem to have been much more habitable back then.
The Yan Jung were, judging from the remains of Yan Jung technology found in the archaeological record, masters of advanced gravitronic technologies and field theories.
Yan Jung archaeological sites can be found in the Agintal constellation within Gallente Federation space.


The Present Pieces chronicle gives a few additional hints at the Yan Jung. Here are the fragments I would derive from the chronicle:

  • There was an era called “late Yan Jung Era”, about 13,000 to 15,000 years ago. It’s not completely clear if an era of whole New Eden or an era of the Minmatar home planet Matar is meant. I lean more towards the latter. That’s actually the only place where “Yan Jung” is explicitely mentioned in the chronicle, everything else that follows is derived from the context.
  • The Yan Jung possibly have settled on Matar long before the Minmatar because…
  • Two artifacts have been found, one in wormhole space and one in an excavation site on Matar, which are very similar, appear to have the same purpose, and have been built during the mentioned “late Yan Jung era”. Therefore I would guess, they are indeed of Yan Jung origin.
  • The artifacts are “like big fractal acceleration shell capacitors” and “some kind of old acceleration shell equalizers”. They seem to have been essential components in very large ship propulsion engines.
  • These components or the technology behind them seem to be a core piece of the secret Minmatar “Project Skymother”, the construction of a huge vessel (“mothership”?) of yet unknown purpose.

So, maybe, the Yan Jung have used their superior knowledge of “advanced gravitronic technologies and field theories” to construct very advanced propulsion systems and move through space?

It’s partially my interpretation and how I read the chronicle. You need to see for yourself, but the chronicle is one of the best in my opinion and well worth the reading anyway.


“Project Skymother” is to my knowledge widely believed to be the Minmatar Iapetan Titan.

Actually I wonder why the Yan Jung are mentioned in the chronicle, as what they’re discussing appears to fit the Talocan more:
As the researcher says that the other device is from wormhole space specifically; There are no Yan Jung ruins that I’m aware of in Anoikis, only known Yan Jung ruins are in “known space”. But in Anoikis accompanying the Sleeper ruins there are Talocan vessels - most are too irradiated to enter, but the Polestar (that’s what I think it’s called) seems to be searchable, if dilapitated. Also, when they talk about massive ship engines, there is a place on Matar called the “Crystal Steppe”, formed by the intense heat of a massive colonization ships’ equally massive thrusters. It has always been assumed that it was left by the original colonists to Matar, but just maybe the Talocan - or Yan Jung - visited Matar sometime in the past?

As an additional theory, as there is absolutely no clue about what happened to the Yan Jung, I have to wonder if they merged with or even became the Talocan at some point. Their specializations at least seem to have some parallels and seem to complement eachother.


I always put this down to all the ancient races actually being original terran survivors, therefore all their tech would be similar / operate on the same principles.

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But the Iapetan Titans are much older than our today’s Promethian Titans (2006). Shakor already has the title “Sanmatar” (2008) in the chronicle and the main part of the story is after Seyllin (2009). The last chapter about Project Skymother is many years later and seems to be a glimpse into the future as Kestor has grown from a young man into a leading project engineer and Chieran is described as very old. In my opinion the timeline just doesn’t fit to relate Project Skymother to the Iapetan Titans.

In the old discussion thread about the chronicle someone quotes a brief chat talk with a Dev (Weirdfish) during a supercapital test on SiSi from just a week before chronicle release:

“Someone joked that they wanted a mothership, and Weirdfish said, ‘I can’t give you a mothership, but I can give you a supercap!’ I asked, ‘Wait, then what’s a mothership?’ And Weirdfish said, ‘Well, Mothership is reserved for something else.’”

Perhaps someday they will be the ships that are able to reach unconnected space to build star gates there? And the Yan Jung come into play somehow, or more of their ancient ruins will be discovered, to provide the technological tools to build those ships and the propulsion engines that are capable to reach such parts of space?

Well, tinfoil hat off. It’s just my speculation and hope that the Yan Jung are reserved for something big someday.


Yan Jung seen the capsuleers coming and beat feet, blew up the gate behind them and never looked back, don’t blame them.

U would like to think Jin-Mei are the people who were Yan-Jung before. Altho I dont know how possible it is taking into account lore.

Talocans are those who were first to Anoikis and those who were researched by ancient Jovians. In effect we got Sleepers, and then Drifters after Sleepers awakened. Talocans seem to partially died off in mysterious circumstances and partially journeyed to some other place, all before ancient Jovians stumbled upon the ruins of their civilizations, left in Anoikis.

I always thought they were using gates to completely other universe at some point and they are unreachable now with our technology. Only Talocan technology when researched can be used for such journeys.


I actually thought that Project Skymother is a sort of an Arkship designed with the purpose of picking up every Minmatar in the cluster and GTFO from all the nonsense of New Eden.


Yup, that ^^.

Now the Elders have managed to gather members of all 7 tribes Skymother is their way of saying FU to New Eden Cluster.

Those of left behind are not worthy.


Oh? I’ve never heard about that one.
Anyway, it sounds good, how do I get a ticket?


Considering that the Republic already has Lapetan Titans and it’s a pretty badly kept secret, and considering that it’s called Project Skymother, of all monikers, and the length the Republic took to keep it secret, I figured that it’s something much bigger, much more different and probably extremely threatening to the status quo.

And then I think, you know, from what I heard about the Elders and how much they prioritise rescuing and uniting the Tribes, maybe it’s actually just a really huge Arkship. Besides, if the vast majority of the Minmatar just up, show the middle finger to everyone and leave to who knows where, that will really mess up the status quo. Can you just imagine the Federation and the Empire waking up to find a huge hole where the Republic used to be? And how much harder it’s gonna be for CONCORD to do their job when one of their members just took all his dudes and leave the place?


To my knowledge is a pretty well kept secret because even us players know even less about the Minmatar Iapetan than any of the others. Only information I was able to google out was that these “titans” were Thukker mobile colonies - who, by that time weren’t formally part of the Republic - and I doubt they’d like to endanger millions if not billions of non-combatants to bring one to bear without a very pressing reason.
That’s why I thought the Skymother was the name for a proper, entirely military oriented Iapetan project. To my knowledge, there isn’t actually any info about a full-on military Iapetan of the Republic, only references mention those Thukker colony ships.

And the Arkship theory does have merit, I’m not denying that, this is just the first time I’ve heard about it associated with the Project Skymother. Sure the name itself hints for the fact that it would be a colony ship of monstrous proportions, but then again, project names can be made to deceive intelligence operatives, like the Lockheed F-117 was given the fighter designation despite being actually a light bomber.

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