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This is the summary of the results from a research project which started about three weeks ago and concluded yesterday. It has been labeled the Joint unidentified Wormhole Research Effort (JuRE). Crucial support came from Signal Cartel / EVE Scout and the North Khanid Traders, namely Aldar Roanaok, Aneko Cavin-Guang, Mike Cartwright, and Void Raven. The raw data is available. Also, the FULL REPORT with graphs and tables is ready for download.

Below you find the problem description and the research results in a nutshell.

Goal: The research deals with the target pattern of unidentified wormholes (uiWH). Those wormholes appeared around YC 117 and are closely connected to the discovery of the five Drifter Hive Systems. The report details the attempt to make statistical inference on the uiWHs’ target system pattern and possible relationships to Triglavian invasions. The results are considered to be provisional. More data collection is necessary, especially on the fast shifting development of Triglavian invasions. Continuing efforts are advised by the results.

Results: On Cluster level, the unidentified Wormholes (uiWH) which reach out from the five Drifter Hive wormhole systems seem to follow basically a random distribution across New Eden’s regions, weighted by the Jove Observatory distribution. Their targeting pattern covers the whole of New Eden. However, within regions, there are indications that Hive systems might focus on specific Triglavian invasions. Kador and Genesis showed unexpected numbers within the given five day time window of observation. This was reproduced by two types of calculations, one assuming that uiWHs would only appear in systems with a Jove Observatory, the other one assuming an independent distribution. Both results came to a very similar conclusion. Mediating variables which explain the unlikely appearance of multiple wormholes within a single invasion have yet to be discovered in order to enlighten this finding any further.

Beyond those results, the project could confirm that C1 to C6 statics are presently a constant finding in the five Hive systems. Also, the position of Jove Observatories as presented by some well distributed lists is no longer fully reliable. The project discovered inconsistencies and errors.

Further research is advised, especially with the ongoing expansion of Triglavian ‘provings’ and inasive campaigns. Last but not least, despite many research operations into the Hive systems, their innermost purpose and secret remains unrevealed. Will we see the conflict between Drifters and Triglavians spill into the Hve systems or do we have to expect more massive Difter fleets to make a more aggressive use of the uiWH exits into our empires? Some answers might be inaccessible to us for now, but some others are within our reach. Follow-up research should overcome the limitations of the provisional results presented so far.

Finally, a grateful thank you to all participants, supporters, and donators. You made a fast and efficient project execution possible.

Haria Haritimado
Itzukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd.


You know, I like mysteries. I like solving them, and there is immense appeal in ferreting out the secrets of ancient civilizations and sharing them with the universe. But when every answer just raises more questions without ever giving satisfactory answers I start to get…twitchy. I swear, more research groups need to start joining your efforts and pooling data, because no matter how much effort the ARC puts in it never seems to be enough!

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Yes, its a big place. Its not that difficult to enter Drifter wormholes but its covering the time periods.

Interesting results! Still trying to digest them but I think I am getting the idea
Wormholes are not my expertise and so I had a little trip to one of the 5 drifter systems just to get an understanding. Instead I think I have more questions! I mean, why is there sleeper apparatus around the wormholes? Does this apparatus remain when they vanish and if so do wormholes reappear on the same places in system? Does the apparatus cause the wormholes… I could go on! However mostly I wonder if these wormholes are controlled and deliberate, or simply random, perhaps even a mechanism gone wrong?

Anyway, given Triglavians invasions are causing (to quote Dr. Santina Ygrai ) “a form of lasting resonance or attunement of the local space-time of the core regions of New Eden with the, so to speak, fabric of Abyssal Deadspace’s deep folds and whorls of space-time”, could this be an inadvertent effect? However If this were the case, given the Triglavians haven’t invaded Nulsec, why has this increase in frequency of wormholes affected Nulsec as well?

I am rather interested in the increased frequency wormholes (if I understand the data correctly) compared to other areas as both have been go to areas for invasions, particularly Genesis. Is the data for systems that have been invaded (at some point) in general, or at ones with an active invasion?

Mr. Gaterau

Thank you for your thoughts. I think for some of your questions we have some answers or at least some evidence based assumptions.

When a uiWH vanishes, the apparatus would remain a brief time but finally the structure is removed.

The wormholes themselves do not systematically reappear at the same spot. However, this is an induction made from many operations into the Hive systems and many outdated, revisited navigation points.

If the apparatus does cause the uiWH to open or if it is just framing an existing or establishing wormhole is not known. Given the vast degree of manipulation and artificial shaping within the wormhole Hive system by Drifter hand (anomalies, shattered planets, huge hive constructs like the giant gear or the ‘stick room’) it seems more likely that the uiWHs are intentionally created.

The idea with a ‘mechanism gone wrong’ is an interesting thought. The uiWHs appeared about the same time the Jove Observatories decloaked. Drifter salvaging missions started soon after. This leaves us with many posibilities.

The data in the JuRE report about Triglavian invasions and uiWHs does refer to wormholes which appeared within actively invaded systems. Genesis and Kador had active invasions and a suspicious high number of uiWH in that period.

Regarding other aspects of the Drifter - Triglavian relationship I should better refrain from theorizing. There are others who probably read this thread as well and know far more about the greater scope of that subject matter.

Best regards,

Haria Haritimado

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The Drifters have demonstrated the ability to control Unidentified Wormhole spawn rates on a number of occasions. So we have seen Drifter holes with as few as 5 or 6 connections up to around 60. It really is difficult to tie things in with them. There are around 1000 known Jovian Observatories and UiWh always spawn in a system with a JO. I would be interested indeed if UiWhs are spawning in non-JO systems, or if additional JO were being found. I know early on some JO appeared and disappeared and then everytyhing appeared to stabilise. From my observations I don’t think the current JO are in any fit state to operate in that manner. So the frequency and numbers of UiWh found are directly related to the number of connections the UiWh are supporting at the time.

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