[ARC] Triglavian Stellar Accelerator - Triglavian structures outside abyssal deadspace

There was a combined fleet operation during the recent invasion with the system of Kakki as the foothold system. During this operation several things were discovered.

  • Ship scanning equipment did not result in any information gained/learned;
  • Cargo scanning equipment did not result in any information gained/learned;
  • Entosis equipment was not able to be used/activated on the structure;
  • Hacking equipment was not able to be used/activated on the structure.

As reported by Ilm Gaterau, the structure was deployed in a tilted position, compared to stations and Upwell constructs. This tilt can be considered as clearly aligning the structure towards the sun. After destruction of the structure, this tilt would change. This strongly suggest that the structure has some kind of continuous active allignment towards the star.

Additional observations during the fleet were:

  • The previously reported effects already take effect while the structure is being build/erected;
  • During the construction, it is possible to attack the structure;
  • It most likely takes fast and hard hitting ships to destroy either the structure or the Leshak’s that build it before the construction is completed.
  • It does not take a large amount of time before the Triglavians start to build another structure in almost the same position should a structure be destroyed.

This concludes my current report on the most recent discoveries and findings with regard to these structures.


ARC Fleet Commander
CONCORD Loyalist


Fellow Capsuleers

Some very troubling news have been unearthed by pilot Ilm Gaterau. He was scouting systems invaded by Triglavian forces for an upcoming ARC publication. His focus was on the Stellar Accelerator. Praised be his anticipatory thinking. He had four foothold systems checked yesterday: Vattuolen, Aband, Madima, and Egghelende. All saw invading forces already on their retreat. He decided to take a closer look at the process of withdrawel and discovered that the Stellar Accelerators remain present in system after the invasions were officially declared over. We dispatched a small fleet for investigation. I will sum up the results.

(1) First of all, we had the very interesting chance to investigate the Stellar Accelerator in our usual, natural spectrum of light, unaffected by Triglavian environmental manipulation. Delicate features and patterns suddenly became much more pronounced and visible. Suddenly, the structure looked far more familiar and approachable. It is, after all, compatible technology.

(2) Secondly, the Stellar Accelerator’s environmental effect on system phyiscs was still active. This was reproduced with three ship classes in two different systems. Even though the invasion was over, Warp Speed was reduced as predicted by CONCORD analysts. This underlines the determination of Triglavian invaders to establish lasting structures. Even after withdrawing, they left their manipulative installations back in system, without CONCORD seemingly aware of it. The stellar manipulation effect was not officially reported. After the destruction of the Stellar Accelerator in Vattuolen, the negative system effect was lifted immediately from our ships.

(3) We took the chance to investigate the structure in detail and operated many different analyzers and scanners, but nothing new was gleaned from the structure.

Evaluation: The Stellar Accelerator is meant to last beyond an invasion’s end, and with it the manipulative system effects Triglavians impose. It is advised to seek out old foothold systems and eradicate any leftover structures. On the other hand, can we board, claim, and capture those structures?

We appreciate any partners ready for a combined initiative on this matter and ask everyone to check carefully recently invaded foothold systems.

My very sincere thanks go to Ilm Gaterau for allowing me to announce the results of this endeavour which was based on his initial finding. He will certainly add news later on, since he’s still busy flying additional scouting routes.

Haria Haritimado


And can we get their crews to talk to us, should they have any? My patience for the Triglavians’ refusal to explain their motives, intentions, and goals in clear, non-cryptic terms has frayed to nothing over the last few months, and with all the people they’ve killed since this invasion started anything short of criminal methods like torture should be on the table as options.

While my own curiosity certainly colors my opinion, I’d be very interested in seeing what we could make of these seemingly persistent installations, in place of removing them.

Are these facilities crewed?
Could a capsuleer Upwell structure be anchored in close proximity to one?
Could dialogue possibly be opened?
Could we more clearly discern the purpose of these installations?

The Zorya Pronouncements suggest a murky possibility that the Collective may move to meet those aligned with their proper-way-of-life “Flow” in nonhostile communion. We still know so little of their aim; observing their conflict with the Drifters and the policy of across-the-board elimination of Nation forces, I’d very much like to see what aligning with the Flow of Vyraj entails, and what of it we might glean here.


Exactly. And if they actually start taking the fight to Sansha’s Nation I would gleefully aid them in that goal, but until then my opinion of them is best described as “restrained aggravation”.

I happened to have bookmarked Stellar Accelerator location in Aband while invasion was still active in that system. Yesterday Triglavian forces withdrawn from there and I’ve visited the location to investigate.

The structure was present and active. Instinctively I started shooting, destroyed it and salvaged the wreckage. No module or a blueprint survived the expolsion, and a pitiful number of zero point equipment seemed good enough to be reused.

I was surprised they didnt leave any guards, sentry towers, turrets or ships.

I was mesmerised by the sight of my Phantasms c-beams glitter in the darkness … and forgot to take any pictures.

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Throughful analisys should be done before destroying them. What if stellar accelerators can be used as a Stargate network? Need a couple of them to be active and see if something can be activated on both sides

Mr. Bastrom

Not to destroy those structures right away might be dangerous or not. Caution is advised and I can find arguments for both options. However, the economy-minded would also make note of the mining bonus the structure imposes on a system. I know you are far more experienced in this field than I am. Maybe you can enlighten this aspect? Does the increased amount of mining material over time stay with the structure?

Haria Haritimado

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So, I’ve visited several systems which recently were struck with Triglavian Invasion, after invasion forces were gone.

The list of the systems: Goram, Hibi, Gyerzen, Imya, Enderailen, Rauntaka, Kakki.

I’ve managed to demolish Triglavian Stellar Accelerators in 4 out of 7 systems. Somebody else did the job in the rest.


Thank you for confirming and sharing the information!

Looks like a Doomsday device that when all of the structures are aligned properly, a wormhole would open across the center of New Eden allowing Triglavian space to flow through the wormhole thus killing off all New Eden citizens within ten minutes.

Once killed off the Triglavians would go about the business of recycling all of the technology of New Eden into building an even larger Triglavian empire.

Just found one in low sec Try in small ship first to see what happens even shot at it nothing came to i got a dps ship and killed it

I’ve visited Kino system after Invasion forces withdrawn yesterday. There it was the Observatory. Only this time it was guarded by a bunch of Triglavian ships, including two Anchoring ones. It was an unpleasant surprise as I came out of warp to 0 on the structure, which was a thoughtless act on my part.

But I came back later and commenced proving procedures.

Wrecks contained nothing worth mentioning. Though immense Observatory wreck being pulled in by my MTU was a fascinating sight which alone was worth the trip.


Thank you for the casual updates on this matter.

Mr. Tahl, is there any chance that you can specify the hull or role types of the Triglavian vessels you encountered at the Stellar Accelerator? Were those “Raznaborg” or only role subtypes like “Anchoring”, “Liminal”, and so forth?

No Raznoborg Triglavians were present. It wasnt roaming group thats for sure.


Earlier today, an ARC coalition task force engaged and destroyed a Zirnitra-class Triglavian dreadnought at Imih as well as the Stellar Accelerator it guarded. Despite a couple close calls, we suffered no losses.

Since I was flying a Vindicator and therefore charged mostly with literally hitting the broad side of a dreadnought, I did a little camera drone photography while we were at it.

The Zirnitra-class Triglavian dreadnought, and also Verin “Stitcher” Hakatain nearly having a bad day. This was a continuing theme throughout the engagement; the Zirnitra did not like him.

Verin continues to nearly have a bad day. I think the impacts you see on the Zirnitra’s shields are from Vindicator blaster fire while the rest of the task force focuses on reducing the Triglavian support fleet.

Haria Haritimado (Drekavac), Verin (Nestor), and the Zirnitra all on the verge of having a bad day. Verin and Haritimado-haani would ultimately come through safely; not so much the Zirnitra.

Notice how far out in front of the Zirnitra its singularity power core is! That must be several hundred meters by now at least, with the three pylons around it visibly leeching off radiation. The entropic disintegrator’s well spooled up by now. I think this is maybe about the time Verin took the hit that nearly wiped his armor out in a single moment. It was fortunate we had all the support we did.

All in all, it seems like our FC, DutchGunner, and ARC have a good fleet composition and tactics set for taking these on. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it up; there’s no reason to think this is going to get easier soon.


Ah. He kept nearly having a bad day because the Triglavians never managed to breach his ship’s armor. I was a little confused about what you meant by that at first.

That must have been a particularly ”fun” experience for the crew. I’m sure the people on your logistics ships will never have to pay for their own drinks again, with what they accomplished today


I would have to speculate the Zirnitra is part of a Siege and Anchor operation. The Zirnitra must consume vast amounts of resources for its construction. Meaning that the Triglavian’s, could have a shipyard construction facility somewhere between Abyssal space and K-Space. As the Zirnitra’s are built they are sent into K-space via the Stellar Accelerator thus completing the siege aspect of their operation with the Stellar Accelerator being a link in the anchor itself but not the entire anchor.

Possible Triglavian symbol or communication found in the UV spectrum of a survey from about two months ago.

Maybe the reason why we can’t find their main base operations in the Forward Edge of their Battle Group is because they are using Ultraviolet Light messages that appear to be nothing more than Bortle or light pollution.

How do you defeat the enemy? Use their own strength, the light that is around them at all times, to strike fear into their very hearts.


I can confirm that ultratidal entropic disintegrators sting like a bitch.


So, I have to ask: Why the Nestor? It is, outside of extremely niche uses, a singularly underwhelming ship. Have you guys found another niche?