From the Kybernauts of New Eden to The Triglavian Collective

Sahara, you and your compatriots are simply tools. The actual Triglavians give you nothing, but gladly let you believe you mean something more than your value as a distraction.

You work for the privelege to die for something that doesn’t care about you. I’m sure you can say that the empires are comparable, but the empires are staffed by actual humans that haven’t been mutated or indoctrinated into an insane cult. People in the empires can actually care.

It matters little though. You’re about as intelectually interesting as a True Slave.

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Trig Lovers complaining about hardships and yet their biggest hardships have yet to begin. It is high time that Concord revokes any and all positive Edencom standings from people who have high triglavian standings. No one who is best friends with the invaders should be allowed to be friends with the people who fought against the invaders.


Oh, I may have words for Yami and his use of Stribog Clade’s name. . . but unlike you, I prefer not to air internal drama in public fora.

The word “you” sure is doing a lot of heavy lifting in this sentence.

But speaking of you, Arrendis, I think some humility would do you a lot of good. As you are so fond of pointing out, capsuleers are not gods. It’s good to acknowledge a higher power now and again, don’t you think? As a wise bunch of friendly bumblebee types like to say, no hoobris. What you mischaracterize as slavish devotion to the Collective I call appropriate respect for an entity that holds the keys to nothing less than the next, superior evolution of the human species.

…who are you, again?

Arrendis strikes me as someone who would argue with you about the color of the sky. Im amazed anyone gives him the time of day.


Oh, you may, but then, one of your own already edited the text and the ‘speaking for Stribog’ bit stayed in. So while you may… I’m really betting you may not.

PS: not airing internal drama in public would’ve meant not even saying that much. Way to diplo.

Well, you know, it’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am.

Uh-huh. So superior, they didn’t dare actually put their assets in any real danger. Instead, they tossed some toys around and used the idiots who got hooked. You go on and keep on sucking up to the Abyssal Serpentis there. I’ll keep shooting them all.

Ah, this tired chestnut from another fool who can’t actually dispute any of the points made. More weakness on display from the faux-clades.

Just assisted with the semiotics. Do not consider my assistance in translation any indication of endorsing this message, on my behalf or my Clade’s.

Sure. Totally trust that, what with your org’s history of honest discussion. Or is EM still supposed to be part of ARC, and responsible for what individual pilots do in ARC fleets?

That is not even the correct narrative.

Not that it is at all relevant or belongs in this thread.


Is it now?

Between Stribog and Kybernauts clades? Sahara claims so.

Frankly, I can’t be arsed to remember exactly what the original framework of lies you were spinning was. You clearly remember getting called on it then, and that’s enough to demonstrate that I have no reason to believe your ‘totally not an endorsement now that Sahara’s trying to weasel away from it’ nonsense.

Never meant to be an endorsement. I don’t even have the authority to endorse something on behalf of anyone.

You are reaching way too hard.

Nice catch.

Anyway. I expect Malitia is correct and whatever that ARC thing is about, it does not belong here. Continue with whatever it is that does.

I’m not reaching at all. You guys are the ones suddenly scrambling to distance yourself from a statement that still purports to speak for Stribog. Internal drama or no, ‘hey, take our names off of that’ seems like the easiest thing in the world to say. The fact that Sahara clearly hasn’t made that demand…

Stribog leadership was consulted and I wasn’t even the first mention the events here. Pochven is burning, we are burning it. Everyone paying attention knows this.

Believing anything else means you are behind on current events or you are being willfully ignorant to push a narative.

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Maybe you can’t remember it because it doesn’t exist. Just an idea.

Oh, and I was just told that Yami issued the communique with the express permission of the Paramount of Stribog Clade. It appears my concerns about clearances were unwarranted. The Paramount has spoken.

EDIT: By the way, Ms. Culome:

Your habit of bending my actual statements into ridiculous contortions makes you supremely unqualified to characterize anything that I say. You are the epitome of the unreliable narrator.

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Awwwww… and here I wasn’t the one trying to claim Stribog leadership really had a problem with it. Sahara was. Almost like she can’t even keep her own lies straight, anymore.

Gosh, seems like the kind of thing a competent diplo would have checked on before making a whole string of posts about how much you disagree and you might have to have words on this matter of ‘internal drama’.

Unless, you know, you were full of fedo farts the whole time.

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You mean this one of your actual statements?

Cuz you know, that sure as hell looks like you saying drama between Stribog and Kybernauts would be internal drama. But nice try claiming I’m ‘bending’ your actual statement by using it to mean exactly the context you used it in.

Caution is a virtue. This message wasn’t done through diplomatic channels.

@Arrendis You are being incredibly petty. Quit while you have a shred of dignity left.


Too ■■■■■■■ late for that, comrade. Heh.