Raravoss Has Fallen

It’s an invasion, not a game of Mind Clash.


Well, low-sec systems are low-sec systems because that’s what CONCORD and the Empires want them to be. So if CONCORD and the Empires gets their way, then CONCORD and the Empires have to change their response times in a target system?

Sounds… dumb.

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Life isn’t fair. We’ll have to just keep fighting the Triglavians regardless of security status.

The Empires could put more military presence and up the security status of various systems, but they’ve limited resources with which to cover their territories.

Also, as one who feels… limited… in high security systems, I’ve no issue with saved low security systems retaining their low security status, honestly.

If it was another perspective where there were no triangles, I’d be okay with that.

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