Data Collection: Raravoss Stellar System Dynamics I

Regarding items A, B, and G in Commander Haritimado’s situational awareness thread, and based on the work done so far by many distinguished capsuleers, here is compiled a small group of questions for capsuleers active in Raravoss over the last three weeks. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.

  1. Define the research goal and scope of the project as clearly as possible.

Through secondary physical indications, we may eliminate hypotheses regarding the physical mechanisms of the transmuter and, more importantly, its effect on the Raravoss star. Contingent upon responses to Collection I, future collections may take place pertaining to planetary systems or other related scientific topics.

  1. Specify the required methods of data gathering and analysis. Since we are capsuleers, prioritize on data we can confirm in space whenever possible. Theorizing is important as well, of course.

Interview and questionnaire, providing anecdotal accounts, ships’ logs, drone footage, and telemetry.

  1. Who will be active contributors? Recruit others as needed.

Contributions are voluntary, made by pilots who have been active in Raravoss since the final week of YC122.05.

As someone with only a modicum of education on the topics intersecting SSD, and with, at present, no direct experience with the matters of Raravoss, I am bound to miss potential connections, and thus, fail to ask pertinent questions. I am more than open to adding these questions (or updating existing questions) for later data collection efforts. (I am also not specialized in data science, though I have done set analyses at times.)

Since this is only one of many research projects running in tandem on the problem, please also look to the other researchers mentioned in the link at the opening of the thread.


Held for responses.

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