[YC 122 NECWC] Just Breathe

This was submitted to the contest by Miriam Hemah. We’ll put it under the Poetry category.

Just Breathe

A coffee warms my hands, at a table.
I can see the bookshelf,
not far from the pastry cabinet

Faith, comedy, tragedy.

Take a book down, settle in for a time
Warm the soul, rest the mind.

Everyone takes a look, takes a book.
Hears its call.

Faith, comedy, tragedy.

A coffee warms my hands, at a table,
I can see the bookshelf.
Why was the book put back?

A time, a place, a face.
Was it face? Was it laced?
Did you fear disgrace?

Faith, comedy, tragedy.

Some say your kind are poison.
I like to disagree.
I disagree.

We’ve all our callings, our places and faces.
Can’t curse the faith, can’t sing another song
Just breathe

Faith, comedy, tragedy.



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